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Wuhan company said price 7 million tender darkness owner price is not the most

Bid nearly 76 million Yuan bid renting space, the results were offered 68.73 million enterprises won the bid, and the winning business 10 years quote monthly average price to 25.35 Yuan/square meter, lower than the purchase price set out in the tender documents 26 Yuan/square meter.

Wuhan panlong flourishing culture media Ltd (hereinafter "Wuhan panlong peak") to a surging News (www.thepaper.CN) reflecting said publishing culture in Wuhan Industrial Park Phase II, 2nd floor investment bids to save black curtain, the company suspected the winning enterprise and bidding companies long before the bid opening on a good, tender forms.

Huang of Wuhan Library Media Ltd (hereinafter "Wuhan Huang") commissioned Hubei threads project management Ltd (hereinafter "Hubei threads") for the tender.

Hubei threads project management staff in response to surging public information said the bid price only for 20 minutes. Successful enterprises score higher in other projects, the company "to be honest," forward a year rent-free period decoration, price higher than 26 Yuan/square meter by 9 years.

Wuhan, Chinese officials say, no successful enterprises to negotiate in advance; tendering agent for randomly, price is not the most important scoring factor, but by the company to ensure the project's long-term operations; commissioned Hubei threads, believes that he will not change the bidding result.

Wuhan company said price 7 million tender darkness, owner: price is not the most important

Office of Hubei great end. Wen Neitu came from the word journalist Qi Zhou

Bidding: Peugeot in the lowest loss of State assets

Public information and publishing culture in Wuhan, Wuhan industrial park is "Eleven-Five", "Twelve-Five" of key cultural projects of the city.

Commissioned by the Wuhan Chinese books Media Ltd, on September 14, the Wuhan threads project management Ltd publish tender notices on publishing culture in Wuhan Industrial Park Phase II, 2nd floor, overall investment, 2nd floor area of more than 22,000 square meters.

Notice to bidders list indicates that operation for a period of 10, price shall not be less than 26 Yuan/square meter. Contact Chen Ying.

Kyanite in Wuhan advertising decoration engineering company, Wuhan, Wuhan panlong peak and Swiss precision resource information technology limited (hereinafter "Wuhan precision resource") three companies involved in the bidding.

On October 10, Huang of Wuhan library media website bid announcement, declaring the winner to Wuhan maunfacturing, bid price of more than 68.73 million Yuan. Statement said, and if the party concerned disagrees with the bidding result, within 7 working days the bid announcement on bidding or tendering agency questioned in writing (question set out at the same time, follow the principle of seeking truth from facts, proof according to law).

"We offered more than 75.91 million Yuan, more than 7 million higher than the bid price. "Wuhan panlong peak corporate Wei Huayun said in addition to the higher Swiss precision resource in Wuhan, more than 68.73 million Yuan-denominated rents average monthly price to 25.35 Yuan/square meter, lower than the purchase price set out in the tender documents 26 Yuan/square meter.

Wuhan company said price 7 million tender darkness, owner: price is not the most important

Ruipusi schedule of quotation, the rent was calculated at 9 years.

Wuhan company said price 7 million tender darkness, owner: price is not the most important

Ruipusi proposes rent-free for a year.

Wuhan kyanite advertisement decoration limited company's bid was more than 71.85 million Yuan, the company official also raised objections to the bidding result.

Bid appear, Wuhan maunfacturing notes in a tender sum, according to the floor area of 22595.2 sq m, length of lease 10 1-3 priced at 28 Yuan/sq m/month, every three years 5%. 4-22 price 26 Yuan/sq m/month up 5% every three years; decoration rent-free periods to 12 months days overdue rent 0.2% to pay damages for the breach of the current period.

List attached to a bid list, such as the first floor area of 1226.49 square meters, 1-3 price 28 Yuan/sq m/month, 4-6 the price of 29.4 Yuan/sq m/month, 7-9 price of 30.87 Yuan/sq m/month, tenth year at 32.41 Yuan/sq m/month, amounting to more than 3.96 million Yuan. After 6 years old boy lost in Ganzhou followed

News according to the surging prices, found the first layer should be more than 4.37 million Yuan the total rental price. 22 floors of the total rental price is more than 75.88 million Yuan.

On October 12, wrote to the Hubei Wuhan panlong peak threads, questioned the bidding problems, winning bidders with an average unit price is less than the purchase price.

"They said other bids specify the decorated rent-free for a year, the average price is calculated in terms of 9 years. "Wuhan panlong peak staff expressed the tender document stipulated 10 offer, the company according to the 9 quotes, prices, and other bidders is quoted at 10," has violated the rules of the game, and also talk about fair? This is caused by the loss of State assets? "

Wuhan company said price 7 million tender darkness, owner: price is not the most important

Through the door you can see the second floor and walls have not been renovated.

Agency: winning business is honest

On October 13, the large thread reply Wuhan panlong peak in Hubei Province: Wuhan precision resource clearly stated in the tender documents "1-year lump sum in decoration", the jury agreed that the company was not agreed upon in the contract stage renovation rent free period of time, but bid documents made it clear that they are honest. Decoration from the length of the lease no express provision in law, within the scope of business, are the winning bidder is determined, from Wuhan Chinese books media determined in consultation with the winning bidder.

As bid company by 9 years calculation bid price, reply in the said "for tender file in no indicate 10 operation period whether contains decoration from rent period, so caused bid people on operation period understanding Shang of deviation, but tender announcement clear said as has bid people on tender file has any questions can in provides time within to I company proposed, this during within I company not received any a bid people of written questioned, so can think bid people on tender file all terms are is recognized of, Set on the tender document from the total price bid to control prices, but rather buy limit price shall not be lower than the average 26 Yuan/square meter, the judges were according to the actual operational period of a valid quotation the calculated average price is in line with the requirements of the tender documents. "

"Rent free period is agreed after the winning bidder is determined, why they bid, they know the rent free period 12 months someone will accept? Why send him a year's rent free period? "Wuhan panlong officials questioned the height, Wuhan maunfacturing and Wuhan in the tender Huang came to an agreement, tender but it is rattled, and they just" sparring ".

"When we were singing, no one raised any objections. "The afternoon of October 17, surging Hubei great threads staff Chen Ying told the news because Wuhan precision resource already in the description of the total offer of rent-free for a year, so the average price quotation on the list is at 9 years of prices, is above 26 Yuan/sq m/month. She said that if calculated in accordance with 10, Wuhan maunfacturing offer price has been lower than 26. All parties present during the opening, bid Corporation's note when Sung in turn, described Wuhan maunfacturing requirement rent-free for a year, when neither side objected.

"We believe that he offered to rent requirements, authenticity is high. "Chen Ying said that although Wuhan panlong peak price is relatively high, but standard, the price factor accounts for only 20 minutes. When the judges scoring, bidding companies were 10, 11, 13 points, the gap is not, and the integrity of the file, and other related commitments rating project, Wuhan panlong peak score is low. Wuhan maunfacturing given quite comprehensive, total also includes audit unit provided 3 audit reports and financial statements, is the real deal of the business for the judges, they need a good things, has this kind of capability, rather than higher, this is not an auction. Wuhan panlong peak was established only a month, and see what results. "Bid a total of 5 judges, one party (yan, Wuhan) and 4 industry expert, the judges think this two there is nothing comparable."

Bid and tender is the communication?

Chen Ying said: "to tell the truth, this is a walk-in, Wuhan maunfacturing and engage householders were also normal. "

Wuhan company said price 7 million tender darkness, owner: price is not the most important

Publishing culture in Wuhan Industrial Park Phase II, 2nd floor.

Authorized by: tender more security

"Which company won the bid, the decision is not in the us. "The afternoon of October 18, surging Huang of Wuhan library media, Deputy General Manager Chen Chonghua told news, carte blanche in Hubei this bid threads, they are conducted in a fair, open and impartial investment tenders. 26 Yuan/sq m/month rent prices are third-party companies assessment of the results of the assessment.

Chen Chonghua introduced prior to bidding companies haven't chat and winning business. Tender agent is chosen at random, the last three companies to bid. 5 the judges don't know, read out the following public tenders opened 3, as well as audio and video. Subsequently, the company staff will leave the field to avoid, evaluation, from judges. All this is documented and reported to the authorities. Know the outcome successful enterprises, problems can also saw the lowest price, but the judges think that getting rid of decoration, the average price is more than 26 Yuan/square meter, so let ruipusi into the bid.

Chen Chonghua said other companies also have a decoration, but they did not count, this (ruipusi) is more honest, came up and proposed penalty, such as notes, doing a fine job. Judges believe that "do you need to replace it? "This algorithm is not the same. Not Wuhan Huang comments on this matter, after receiving a complaint, they asked the Hubei text threads take a serious response, "Hubei thread delegate, will believe them."

As for unsuccessful enterprises suspect low prices caused the loss of State assets, business operations, said this is not a problem.

Wuhan Chinese Commerce Department official said that an auction, is the highest bidder. The score is a comprehensive scores, price accounted for only 20 minutes, bidding is more focused on the operational capability of the team, not to say that money is not important, but depends on the subsequent development of the company, the long-term operational capability, which is the development of 10, 20. Wuhan panlong peak was set up until a month before bidding, not much experience, and financial statements only a sum of 150,000 yuan, 150,000, compared with Wuhan precision resource a lot worse. Can understand the mood of the unsuccessful companies, can only express sympathy.

"We do not have express or implied tendency in which one, we have a clear conscience. Judges determine which one, we're playing by the rules. This is the State-owned assets, must pass the inspection, the results will be acceptance. "Chen Chonghua said that does not change the bidding result.