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Last photo of leukemia died after MOM gave son promise 42 wish list

Last photo of leukemia died after MOM gave son promise 42 wish list

Xu Yingying holds promise 42 wish list for her son.

A 36-year old mother's last words:

May, August 28 is my last birthday, I feel ashamed in front of my family and son. As a mother my son too little, nor walk with his long, hope on my birthday, as a 6 year old son a happy and unforgettable memories. I hope you can help me achieve these wishes for their children, in any case, I will make the children happy. Thank you very much.

Suffering from leukemia, she sat up in bed to write down 42 wish sickness accompanied after a 6 year old son to be realized. However harsh destiny, just write down a wish a few days later, she suddenly ill, and died and wishes into a bucket ... Husband suffering from encephalopathy, watched helplessly ignorant son of unknown on his knees, I do not know how to explain it all, crying and crying eyes.

Last photo of leukemia died after MOM gave son promise 42 wish list

"Home" is still there, were never reunite. Said his wife and children, Qin rose cry several times.

Wish list

Wednesday, August 17.

Shandong province traditional Chinese medicine hospital haematology ward in the East, 36-year old Xu Yingying wearing a hospital gown. She was sitting up in bed, small table to eat with her family to pen and paper. Qinsheng felt some unexpected husband, wife, this is you want to do?

"To write birthday wishes. "She smiled. Although hesitant, he followed his wife's request, handed over to pen and paper. Xu Yingying bow began to write in earnest.

After a half hour, the wife took up pen and paper. Write in black and white with all kinds of wishes. It turned out that his wife's birthday wish is that accompanied his son to finish the 42 in her lifetime wish. These wishes, both went to see movies, go to the Grand Lake so it looks look forward to if you can easily achieve, also went to Beijing to see the great wall seems to need time and money wishes.

However, time has become a major challenge. In the wish list finished after 4 days, Xu Yingying couldn't wait to August 28 birthday. At Grandma's House for the summer holiday of the 6 year old son, don't know when my mother to think about their hearts, walked the last day of his life with little warning. August 21, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, lying on the bed of the Xu Yingying suddenly ill, and bleeding of the lungs to cause respiratory difficulties, with regrets leaving the room.

Xu Yingying is suffering from leukemia last August, roughly the same time, in bridge, a hospital nurse, she lasted several days after the fever feeling unwell, went to hospital for an examination, and diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia.

Last photo of leukemia died after MOM gave son promise 42 wish list

Xu Yingying made 42 for 6 years old son a birthday wish.

Photo of bed

Xu Yingying is the only breadwinner in the family. Diagnosis of leukemia in an instant, "the sky is falling. "At that time, have worked so hard to save 40,000 yuan to savings at home, but compared with the treatment fee of three hundred thousand or four hundred thousand Yuan and inadequate. At the time, her son was just 5 years old. Her husband was born in 1958, who is nearly 60 years old, and her husband also had cerebral thrombosis complications, does not work.

Husband Qinsheng is the original cotton factory workers, the opportunity to catch up with the last of the welfare housing distribution, Tianqiao district points to the side of the lane near a one bedroom house. In 2009, Qinsheng met Xu Yingying in the hospital, and married that year.

In April 2010, the son of Qin Han Yu was born. But God seems particularly jealous of people's happiness. No one could expect, tomorrow and accident which one first. Xinhua News Agency some kindergarten chefs wearing

In 2011, the son who just turned 1 year old shortly after Qinsheng suddenly feel giddy in the head, quickly took a taxi home. Got home just to lie down, he felt, so I called my friend, friend he quickly rushed to the hospital emergency room. After the diagnosis, at age 53, he suffered from cerebral infarction.

After days in a coma in the hospital, in under the care of his wife, he finally woke up, but falling from legacy, limited right limb of his body, walk dragging the leg, right arm and arm weakness.

On August 18, Xu Yingying birthday 10 days ago, on the advice of friends and relatives, in the province of traditional Chinese medicine ward, a family of three sitting together, took a photo, and ate a big dinner. This photo, became a habit not usually take pictures of the family's only one photo.

Last photo of leukemia died after MOM gave son promise 42 wish list

Ward, the family took only a photo.

Cross stitch in "home"

5:30 P.M. August 22, half edge Lane, Tianqiao district Qinsheng's home on the 22nd floor, the 58-year old man took off his glasses and wiped a tear. His eyes are red, from the afternoon of August 21 kept crying until now, seems to have no power.

In an area of more than 40 square meters of the House, although with the lights on, but the light and not so good. On the North wall in the living room, hung with 2 children's Awards. On the living room wall hangs a cross stitch picture, centered, embroidered with a huge "home". Once the family joke, never life. Cross stitch borders clip 2 photos, one for mother and child photo of Daming Lake, a was the son of a personal photo. 2013, captured on this photo of the Daming Lake, became a mother and son only the photo.

August 21, at 5 o'clock in the afternoon the scene at old Qin playback from time to time in the brain. 1 hour after the death of his wife, 6-year old son to the hospital. Children do not know that my mother has to wake up to, he walked over to the bed and touched her mother's hand, as well as countless times in the past, stepped forward to kiss my mother on the forehead. Only, this time, my mother never responded. Next to a room full of family does not own, suddenly cried into a.

Sent on August 22 after his wife's body, old Qin went home, watched the House furnishings, could not help but scream burst into tears again.

Last photo of leukemia died after MOM gave son promise 42 wish list

Xu Yingying was alive, the 6-year old son in bed watching my mother.

Children going to school

Old Qin said his son too much, not just 42 wish. Son was born early in the month before the expected date of arrival, only more than 1600 grams at birth, relying on the incubator had a hard time living down. His wife enough milk, children would then be receiving Dong Jia town, licheng Grandma fed.

"Feed the corn puree, eating sweet potatoes grow......" the old son of Qin, a child suffering from hardship. Fortunately he was stout, 6-year-olds have more than 80 kilos, height is 1.3-meter.

However, due to poor families, the children did not like the other kids in town, had the opportunity to travel. Birth date, children had never been to Jinan, visit attractions are only limited to the Daming Lake, baotu spring, Zoo garden card can go to places, and near quancheng square, Museum of science and technology. But, even so close to the attractions, also became a mother again have fulfilled wish.

"There are 8 day school, you say how to do Ah? "Old Qin thought about to enter primary one in tiancheng road grade son, nasty feet. "Admission got, see the child to go to school, even children's school fees and I can't get it out! Alas, the powerless! "Old Qin said in April this year, was dragged into the quagmire of disease, he and his wife, had talked to give foster children. "The good people of Weifang, Yantai has made a phone call. "Old Qin will hold the tears back, sobbed out," Finally, we are not willing to give up. "

Last photo of leukemia died after MOM gave son promise 42 wish list

Children do not know the family of events yet to be sensible, father melancholy face. Qilu evening news Brian Davidson

Sick child, the family can manage

According to Qin introduced wife in school before school, after graduated began nursing. "After having children, her work during the day, went home from work to look after children. "Old Qin said he was just suffering from cerebral thrombosis, is not flexible, serious or even life cannot take care of themselves.

In this case, his wife provoked the burden of home. In 2012, the old Qin Han Yu was 2 years old because of neglect, only in nurseries, wife alone this life support for the whole family. "The day is OK, the dull day there is the plain of happiness. "Old Qin laments.

"I just took her away, transient existence of ashes funeral home. "The old cry of Qin, he touched the photo of his wife and son. Old Qin said, although he suffered from cerebral thrombosis, but the condition has improved.

For the sake of the boy, old Qin to the society through their own labour fought for a Bacon work. Taking into account road primary school children later in the day, but also act on its own is not convenient, so the old Qin hoped that well-intentioned people can help to find a job, preferably a little close to home, "so that I can easily pick up the child. "

Follow-up: a lot of people are concerned about, the father was surprised

August 23, at 7 o'clock in the evening, Jinan Tianqiao street side of the lane in an old building, Qinsheng is looking after the six-year old son Qin Han Yu. Old incandescent lamps are not too bright, so only sishilai flat House appear more narrow.

His wife left the next day, Qinsheng didn't think it affects so many people's hearts, and getting so much sympathy and love. He pointed to was playing with the remote control the son of remotely piloted aircraft and on the ground, said: "this was sent in by a media, a round of Xu Yingying ' unfulfilled wishes. "

Talk about his wife's departure, he laments, August 21, at one o'clock in the afternoon, when he received a phone call reached the hospital, she had slipped into a coma. Although Xu Yingying was looking at him, but has no consciousness, Qinsheng called his wife's name, also did not receive any response. This is the wife one last look at his eyes, then couldn't keep my eyes open, no trust. Six-year old son in the bed keep shouting, Xu Yingying is quietly and left.

Six-year-olds seem to be on the mother's departure there is no concept, he was Naughty. He did not know, mother has all the dreams you have given him.

Until the final moments of their lives, it found that too little to his son

Qinsheng seriously look at each word on the wish list. At the mother of a patient suffering from Leukemia in birthday wishes, Xu Yingying has done the worst plan. On the future of families and children, she also thought a lot, she said as a mother can give him too little.

Xu Yingying has listed a total of 42 wishes for her son. "Some son is often said to me, is that I want kids. "On the wish list, the first wish is to see a movie. Xu Yingying said, the child is six years old, they have never watched a film at the cinema.

"The poor at home, food and clothing. "Xu Yingying's brother, Xu Yingying only one of three Labor's ability to make money, just enough to live on. Like the second wish "to eat Western food" is the child mentioned a number of times, "see other kids go to KFC, he also wanted to go to, and she still didn't take him to one. "

On August 18, said Xu Yingying lying in a hospital bed, became seriously ill after that family with too many things not to do, and now dinner has become a luxury. She took the piece of paper looked and looked, referring to grieved her to tears on several occasions.

It is based on the thoughts of their loved ones, Xu Yingying has a strong desire for life. Ideas, Xu Yingying never gave up. In the past year, she has more than 80 days of chemotherapy, most people can't put up with uncomfortable symptoms, nausea from chemotherapy, Xu Yingying never mention it to their loved ones. In the days of high fever, body without strength, and headaches to fall asleep, she survived.

Three days after the disease claimed the lives of Xu Yingying. Taste of fresh lychee, row a boat, swim, to leave a shadow of Tiananmen Square and so on desire, she cannot accompany child come true.

Father lost his capacity to work, month Lo-Fi also owed 380,000

Last year, Xu Yingying has more than 300 days lying in bed, Qinsheng travel daily in the province, East of traditional Chinese medicine hospital and Tianqiao district home to his wife to dinner. He said although it was tiring, sometimes desperate, but at least his wife alive is to rely on. Now, his wife left him, he no longer goes around, but much heavier.

Qinsheng said, his wife went with his final benediction, they have to be strong to live. He pointed a certificate on the wall and said, son is as good as gold is very clever, the body is also very strong. He wanted his son to be like his name as Qin Han Yu, life strong, lush.

The most practical at the moment apart from dealing with his wife's funeral, is the problem of children to primary school. Qinsheng worried about taking care of bad children. "Meals, transfers alone is difficult. "Five years ago, Qinsheng brain infarction, incapacity, cumbersome activity, need to take medicine every day.

Xu Yingying worked in a hospital as a nurse for many years, was the only source of income. Ill a year ago, home thousands of Lo-Fi live alone. And now father of less than 500 yuan each month and only the low income, and they still owe him a debt of around 380,000 yuan.

Living for the future, Qinsheng said, also is hoping to have good people help them to tide over the current difficulties.

(This article was originally entitled the leukemia died after MOM gave son promise 42 wish list ... Husband sick Alex Lo-life)

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Tomb of warring States period relics unearthed in Chengdu with nine piers

On August 20, the Chu tombs in Hubei nine piers boutique heritage exhibition in Chengdu jinsha site Museum officially opened to the public. After the female master Tan hold baby graduation

Tomb of warring States period relics unearthed in Chengdu with nine piers exhibition

On August 20, the Chu tombs in Hubei nine piers boutique heritage exhibition in Chengdu jinsha site Museum officially opened to the public. 142 tomb of warring States period relics unearthed nine piers were fully on display, for the local people offer a "feast of Chu culture". Attracting visitors for two Chu soldier armor. Zhang Lang photography

Tomb of warring States period relics unearthed in Chengdu with nine piers exhibition

Lacquer artifacts on display. Zhang Lang photography

Tomb of warring States period relics unearthed in Chengdu with nine piers exhibition

The bronze tripod with cultural relics on display. Zhang Lang photography

Tomb of warring States period relics unearthed in Chengdu with nine piers exhibition

The bronze tripod with cultural relics on display. Zhang Lang photography

Tomb of warring States period relics unearthed in Chengdu with nine piers exhibition

The bronze tripod with cultural relics on display. Zhang Lang photography

Tomb of warring States period relics unearthed in Chengdu with nine piers exhibition

Two Chu soldier armor to attract visitors. Zhang Lang photography

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Responded in Nanchang garbage man Sun accepts condolences apologies soul searching

Qingshanhu district, Nanchang city, Jiangxi province, official Micro-Blog "Nanchang qingshanhu" August 12 afternoon issued a Declaration on "8.11 qingshanhu district sanitation worker Sun sympathy accepted leadership event" notes. The Nineth round of visits to prominent political

Responded in Nanchang garbage man Sun accepts condolences: apologies, soul-searching style

Twitter screenshots

Note, August 11, at 13:08, a Netizen in the microblogging start qingshanhu district, about sanitation workers accepted the condolences of leadership in the hot sun and sparked Internet debate and media attention.

Briefing note said on August 11, 10:00, many entrepreneurs in our region jointly launched a "summer to cool" charity event, activity content is donated by the entrepreneurs to the sanitation workers amounts to 1000 summer cooling "cool." Which will be 40 copies of "cool" released to the sanitation workers represent hands, the remaining "cool" after the event by the hand to the sanitation workers on hand.

Hot condolences in this Internet site, as an organized party, we apologize to the parties interested public and on-site sanitation workers and enterprises to make a sincere apology. This incident revealed a work style problems, we will deeply reflect on, a warning. We sincerely thank the media and public opinion supervision, keep in mind that the aim of serving and solid hard work, don't live up to the expectations of the party and people.

Signature qingshanhu district, for urban management, the qingshanhu district Federation.

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A company is being set to 1 dead 1 injured in Hunan province after two former

A company is being set to 1 dead, 1 injured in Hunan province, after two former business partner conflicts

Twitter @ Hengyang released screenshots. People s daily survey Elevator Safety order low

Hengyang, Hunan network news Administration Office official Micro-Blog "@ Hengyang released" released on August 8, reported that on July 28, Juli, leiyang agriculture limited (hereinafter Juli agriculture) Office in case of fire, 1 dead, 1 injured, police judge, arson caused the fire, was a criminal case. Leiyang city surging to a local person familiar with news (www.thepaper.CN) revealed that the victim named Gu Yunli was Juli shareholders in agriculture, a former public security patrols, leiyang Brigade captain.

Informed the show on July 28, around 15 o'clock, cailun road, leiyang leiyang Juli agricultural Office fire. Leiyang after fire alarm quickly out of police, put out the fire. Fire caused the death of one person, one person seriously injured, injured have been rushed to the rescue in Hengyang. At present, the public security organs are hold detected.

According to the Beijing News reported, an arsonist named Xu Shiming, is Nanjing, leiyang town officials, have been killed, a former Jully agricultural legal representative. Insiders say Gu Yunli as Juli agriculture's largest shareholder, with Xu Shiming was once a business partner, because of investment losses generated conflicts.

National credit information publicity system Web site statistics, leiyang Juli agricultural development limited on March 23 last year, has changed its name to agricultural development in Hunan Juli Ltd, Gu Yunli was one of the shareholders. The company was founded in 2006, the registered capital of 50 million Yuan. Involved in agro-processing, acquisition, cultivation, sale, leisure agriculture, technical advice, agricultural science and technology in agricultural services, development, leasing and maintenance of agricultural machinery. At present, the company status is "survival".

Meanwhile, leiyang city, human resources and Social Security Bureau, released on March 25, 2014 the leiyang city people's Government on Zheng Deshi comrades, such as notification of their appointment and removal, (belonging to the political people (2014), 3rd), Gu Yunli was removed from leiyang city public security patrol battalion captain.

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Interview with Netherlands in addition to haze Tower designers September was

If an indoor air purifier can be enlarged and moved to the outdoor space, is to effectively solve Beijing's "smog" problem?

2 years ago, a man named Dan·luosijiade (Daan Roosegaarde) Netherlands Designer, felt in Beijing after the impact of the haze, were so inspired. So he took his design team, created the world's first outdoor cleaner--"fog Tower" (Smog Free Tower).

Interview with Netherlands in addition to haze Tower designers: September was invited to come to Beijing to combat, ring sale haze made

The 23-foot (7 m) move the cleaner, in the Netherlands after Rotterdam was tested, move in September this year to Beijing, China, showcase, laboratory purification effect.

Interview with Netherlands in addition to haze Tower designers: September was invited to come to Beijing to combat, ring sale haze made

From the appearance point of view, "haze Tower" looks like a miniature version of the chrome frame skyscrapers. Luosijiade surging journal (www.thepaper.CN) said in an interview that "smog Tower" works and various indoor air purifier, in its interior has a powerful vacuum cleaner, using ionization technique inhaling smog, filter out harmful particles, and discharges clean air. Project prototypes based on is currently in hospital and car-purification technology used in the system, in addition to its own clean air, the device is using a green wind energy, power consumption is very low, no larger than a water heater electricity consumption (about 1400W).

Interview with Netherlands in addition to haze Tower designers: September was invited to come to Beijing to combat, ring sale haze made

"Our method is air inhaled from the top, after treatment, discharge from the bottom. To clean the air of a thrust, was formed by its clean air, thereby affecting the surrounding environment. Obtaining test results from Rotterdam, Tower filtration 30,000 cubic meters of air per hour, and within a day and a half can purify the area the size of a football field. "Surging luosijiade told the press.

Luosijiade told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), design inspiration of the device inspired by Chinese temple architecture. "When I visited the temple Tower in the Park, just think what would happen if we can build clean energy Tower, will reduce pollution to the city. That's why we will design Tower. "Luosijiade said.

Interview with Netherlands in addition to haze Tower designers: September was invited to come to Beijing to combat, ring sale haze made

Invited by China's environmental protection sector, in Beijing in September will put to the test

In September of this year, the device will be invited by China's environmental protection sector, came to Beijing to display.

"At the completion of these projects. But when the program was launched, we have received from China, Mexico, and India and other countries the invitation and contact. Because this project is from Beijing, I was inspired, so I think the show can return to Beijing is excellent. "Luosijiade said.

Interview with Netherlands in addition to haze Tower designers: September was invited to come to Beijing to combat, ring sale haze made

According to the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN) understanding environmental institutions directly under the Ministry of environment journalists ' Association in June this year, China launched the "reducing haze in action" plan, Netherlands "smog Tower" tour is one of the projects.

"China is changing. 4-5 years ago, when I first came to Beijing, many people don't want to talk about the haze problem, which was a taboo subject. And now change is taking place. About a month ago, when I communicate with government departments in, they become more open and willing to share information, and start thinking about how to solve the haze problem. "Surging luosijiade told the press in China feel the change," I think the Chinese Government is now very clear that needs clean energy, green industry. So they need some projects such as the haze removal, to tell the public, make the public aware of the importance of clean energy. "

Environmental Journalists Association Secretary General Liu guozheng was the "smog Tower" project invites the people of the Chinese side. He said in an interview: "the purpose of this project is to give people advice and reminders, let more persons to participate in reducing haze in action. "He believes that this project in China, you can attract more attention to smog issues.

Interview with Netherlands in addition to haze Tower designers: September was invited to come to Beijing to combat, ring sale haze made

In addition to Beijing, the fog Tower will be on display in four other cities in China. As to which cities, luosijiade said the choice in the public. When his Studio will be launched on the Internet vote, elected by the public touring the city.

Luosijiade did not say in an interview "smog Tower" of specific costs, but said there were plans to produce more similar devices in the future. "Because it is a pilot project, we at build time using the best materials and technology, took 2 years, so it's very expensive. We do have more equipment in production, but will have to wait until after our show in Beijing to disclose. "

Interview with Netherlands in addition to haze Tower designers: September was invited to come to Beijing to combat, ring sale haze made Interview with Netherlands in addition to haze Tower designers: September was invited to come to Beijing to combat, ring sale haze made

The funny thing is, "haze Tower" carbon particles extracted from the air is compressed and sealed in acrylic, rings, cuff links and a small box made from the sale. Proceeds thus obtained will be used to promote more haze removal tower development and construction work. Luosijiade said that all preparatory activities other than contributed the initial haze of 113,000 euros (about 832,000 million).

"Smog Tower" effect?

According to the Beijing environmental protection Bureau, in 2015, there are 186 days of good air quality in Beijing, accounted for 51% of the year. In other words, poor air quality days accounted for almost half of all time.

"Smog Tower" can bring change to the air quality in Beijing?

"Smog to cleaning a park, is not the ultimate goal, of course, will not solve all the problems. This is what a lot of people understand. But I think that only you can build clean energy awareness, and considers that this technology can solve the problem, is a more important step is the first step toward the ultimate solution. "Luosijiade told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN).

Both luosijiade and is part of the Chinese Government, are well aware of only a "smog Tower" does not even solve Beijing's air problems. But Liu guozheng pointed out that "Apart from the haze of Tower warning is still very important. It can remind us of mission and responsibility to fight smog problem. "

The coincidence is, in front of the luosijiade Tower in China, in the city of Xian, Shaanxi Province, China also has a haze reduction unit caps as scheduled.

Interview with Netherlands in addition to haze Tower designers: September was invited to come to Beijing to combat, ring sale haze made

Integrated system of Shaanxi large solar air cleaner

This by the Shaanxi environmental protection group are responsible for construction and operation of large solar air cleaning system (HSALSCS) is located in the XI ' an city Chang ' an district, southwestern corner of West Changan Street and cross the road.

According to the Shaanxi daily reported that this project is the Institute of the Earth's environment and the air management control project, total construction area is 2580 square meters. Device by removing atmosphere haze removal of PM2.5 and the formation of smog such as NOx, SO2, key precursors, thus effectively controlling smog formation.

Interview with Netherlands in addition to haze Tower designers: September was invited to come to Beijing to combat, ring sale haze made

Integrated system of Shaanxi large solar air cleaner

Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) call the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Earth and environmental projects and experimental data, the staff said the project is still in the experimental process, is still unable to provide specific data.

"I have heard of this project in China, is very interesting. 2 years ago, when I launch Tower project, when I was asked, it may do, will the machine is very noisy, and we made out. Now, Chinese people started trying to do such a thing. This is what we hope, to inspire people to make changes. "Luosijiade said.

Integrated system of Shaanxi large solar air cleaner

Compare two items, belonging to the fixtures of the China program, Netherlands "smog Tower" you can move; the former uses solar energy, which is used by wind energy.

"But our goal is the same, is that urban ultimately take such a device. Hope 5-10 years later, were a common use of clean energy, we no longer need them. "Luosijiade said.

Environmental protection requires action and cooperation

Designer luosijiade

Luosijiade, 36 years old, was born in the family of teachers of mathematics, and in the Netherlands grew up in the rural Lake District, new science in the West. After studying art and architecture, his studio in Rotterdam was founded in his name. Studio projects are associated with the environment, energy, in addition to smog Tower, luosijiade and another two projects to attract international attention: Netherlands company Heijmans cooperative intelligent road infrastructure services (Smart Highway) van Gogh bicycle lanes (Van Gogh Bicycle Path). Two projects are used in the Sun during the day charge, luminous paints at night. Two large steel Central declared together Wuhan

Intelligent highways

Van Gogh bicycle path

These projects also manifests himself to man and the relationship between environmental thinking.

"You know, blame is always very easy, you can blame the Government, enterprises, and blame a lot of people. But the question is, what did you do to change? So I think this project to show the people the possibility of turning an idea into reality, I know that this may not be the final solution. But to show you the new technologies, new creation, telling everyone that we can really change the city. We should not wait for Government measures, or companies to make changes. We should be more active. "Luosijiade said.

In addition to the need for more proactive action, but luosijiade think that environmental protection requires cooperation. He pointed out that environmental protection cannot solely rely on the Government forces. For Governments, policy usually starts from the top, takes a while to see the results, and to the entire country. In contrast, with the exception of haze project is starting from the ground, and gradually to more urban developments. If the Government and civil society can cooperate, it will be very interesting, can also solve many problems.

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Baiyangdian Hebei collapse caused 14 view Lotus Gallery visitors were injured

Baiyangdian, Hebei collapse caused 14 view Lotus Gallery visitors were injured, involved attractions closed

On July 31, the scene of the accident, fracture of wood, tile and cement blocks piled on the ground. Yu Junliang

Baoding, Beijing, on July 31, the afternoon of July 30, anxin baiyangdian, Hebei province, scenic view of Dutch Gallery collapsed, killing 14 tourists were injured, 3 of them seriously. Currently, area attractions and all the attractions of the County expand the dragnet to security screening.

July 31 at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, baiyangdian fairway boats shuttled tourists order. Beijing, reporter sailed involved Yuan Feihe park attractions to see, Lake East Gate has been closed on one side and pull the walls with colored strips of plastic sheeting. Attractions within the scene of the accident has been cleared, leaving only a small amount of fracture of wood, tile and cement blocks.

Yuanfei Dutch park staff introduced Liu Weidong, 30th when he is attraction entrance on duty, storm whips Lake more than 1-meter seas on the surface, the visibility is less than 3 meters, heze city, many visitors flock to this destination view promenade shelter. Then heard a loud bang, he rushed out of the Office to look into the situation and colleagues found spots view loads near the South side of the entrance Corridor has collapsed from East to West, some of the tourists were hit. Subsequently, the mining attractions immediately organized personnel to injured persons, and call the ambulance. "This bad weather I encountered for the first time in more than 40 years, is terrible. "

Anxin County Tourism Bureau Zhao Lin confirmed that July 30 at 15:50, baiyangdian area caught in severe convective weather, wind and rain, resulting in baiyangdian yuanfei Park with more than 60 meters view he Gallery collapsed, killing 14 tourists (5 men and 9 women), various injuries, including, 1 person was wounded in the face, 1 thigh fracture, 1 rib fracture and injury is heavy. Deaf students driving problem DMV request open

Zhao Lin said that after the accident, the Bureau immediately organized a host of attractions and ferry staff for emergency rescue, escort of anxin County rushed to the hospital the first time. Lesser injuries in the county hospital after leave, 6 seriously visitors overnight to Baoding for treatment. To transfer the injured, the Bureau conducted one-on-one service, treatment costs the sites concerned are responsible for, at present, the families of the victims and emotional stability.

For the event, anxin County party Committee propaganda Department on the afternoon of July 31 to the media reported that after the accident, the County attaches immediately activate emergency response plans, the County, the County Government leaders for the first time to the site to direct dispatch, condolences to injured tourists, properly placed, the full treatment. Meanwhile, each of the 14 injured register and ensure that all victims receive full and comprehensive treatment and help. Yuan Feihe immediately ordered the park attractions, responsibilities of the safety supervision Bureau and Tourism Bureau, security investigations, and the dragnet to troubleshoot all attractions within the area. Meanwhile, the County area comprehensive investigation of all buildings, factories and other, find the problem immediately, to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of lives and property of people and tourists.

It is reported that besides yuanfei Lotus garden, the current territory of anxin baiyangdian area's other attractions are open.

Baiyangdian, Hebei collapse caused 14 view Lotus Gallery visitors were injured, involved attractions closed

Anxin baiyangdian Lake scenic spot Management Committee issued on July 30 ordered yuanfei load immediate notice of rectification. Yu Junliang

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Civil Aviation Authority released flight delay new regulations compliance with

Civil Aviation Authority released flight delay new regulations: compliance with contract law, not taken out of context

On July 24, 2012, the Shanghai HongQiao international airport, due to bad weather delayed flights to Sanya, passenger airlines counter argument with staff. Surging materials

Central wide network Beijing July 28 message, according to China of sound news aspect reported, recently, traffic Transport Department released has flights normal management provides, which 29th article provides, due to weather, and suddenly event, and air traffic control, and security and passenger, non-carrier reasons, caused of flights in originating to out Hong Kong delays or canceled, carrier should assist passenger arrangements catering and accommodation, costs by passenger themselves.

After seeing this article, many users were not calm. Because many media and experts read, new rules seemed to say: after flight delays, the airline may not bear the accommodation expenses. That understanding is wrong with it? Civil Aviation Authority officials gave authorities wide exclusive interview yesterday, answered a number of hot issues.

Consumer Center said Li hongtao, Deputy Director of Civil Aviation Council, their full participation in the flight of the normal regulation of discussion and comment. However, friends, the media and experts with regard to the provisions of article 29th regarding flight delays "accommodation take care of themselves" discussion of enthusiasm high, really was beyond her expectations. But, in her opinion, since many interpretation is not comprehensive enough, even taken out of context, it caused some misleading to the public. In fact, airlines or airports, as well as other government departments do not carry out flights normal protection responsibilities, is more than more than 80 rules of punishment, first of all to meet the management requirements of the regulations, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, imposes very strict liability category. Li hongtao, for example, the provisions of chapter II of the first flights normal protection responsibilities, chapter III is the delay in the disposal. Li hongtao appealed to the public in the provision of objective, comprehensive, correct content, "not taken out of context."

Traffic Transport Department the issued of flights normal management provides actually does not "new", early in 2010 China Aviation Transport Association released of air transport service quality not normal flights carrier people service and compensation specification (pilot) among on has similar of provides, new rules just from "costs can by passenger themselves" into has "costs by passenger themselves", but in many people seems, took off of a "can" Word, is removed has bargain of possibilities, more out of is is "fighter" of taste. Responding to Li hongtao, new rules are in line with the law of contract, is also in line with international practice. The force majeure provisions of contract law, such as the 117th section of contract law, due to force majeure cannot fulfill the contract, based on the effect of force majeure may partially or entirely exempt from liability. Weather is unforeseeable, unavoidable, cannot overcome the objective conditions, in contract law can be partial or total exemption.

Many experts believe that the new rules are "international practices" standards, but in satisfying the conditions of compensation cases, compared to European Union's € 250 – 600 euros (about 1835-4403) amount of compensation, China enacted in 2010 after 8-hour delay compensation standard of 300 yuan is not high. Li hongtao explained that there is a legal provision, article eighth of the legislative law in China, basic system can only be carried out by the legal provisions of civil, civil aviation Board had no right to adopt regulations for flight delays as a basic system of civil compensation for unified rules. Flight delay compensation belongs to the independent operation of the enterprises, if the civil aviation authority for uniform compensation standard would infringe on the independent right of the enterprise, and is not conducive to the maintenance of normal market order. Chinese civil servants participate in the Netherlands

Also, Li hongtao said, EU of on flights refusing, and canceled or delays Shi on passenger compensation and help of General provides, is commonly known as of 261 article paragraph among on weather, and suddenly event, and air traffic control, reasons caused of flights delays do has hard provides, also put special situation included to exemption terms, like political not stable, and weather conditions, and security risk, and flight security defects, and carrier strike, situation zhixia, also has air traffic control led to long time of flights delays, This was found to be carriers in order to avoid flight delays or cancellations to take reasonable measures, which belongs to the force majeure, is an exemption.

Li hongtao, the Ministry promulgated the normal regulations of flight intentions must safeguard the lawful rights and interests of consumers, the flights follow a normal management supporting document will be unveiled, more detailed provisions and provisions will be made.