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Guangzhou Street mother 1 ticket left the 9 year old son alone by bus has been

"His daily life a little bit difficult, usually eat to feed, has been lost for 5 days. "November 8, who lives in Guangzhou, Yang said, his November 3 for to withhold is dropped into the coin box of the bus for a dollar, 9 year old son with mental disabilities in the bus station, who would have expected good things come back to find his son, had disappeared. Now she running around looking for every day, only to find his son.

Guangzhou Street, mother 1 ticket left the 9 year old son alone by bus, has been missing for 6 days

Wang Zi Yang and his son when he went to Beijing this year the photo. 

On November 9, claiming to be collecting waste and beg for a living young woman told the surging News (www.thepaper.CN), 3rd, she took his son Wang Zi (nickname), liwan district, Guangzhou City, when you take the bus, ready to find a friend to deal with something. Drivers insist that children should pay for "not give 1 Yuan", her son to find a friend leave after the station and intend to finish dealing with things and then come back for her son, but came back and found her son had disappeared.

Guangzhou Faw bus company staff confirmed to the surging news propaganda departments, women paid only 1 Yuan fares when you travel with children, then drive away left the children alone, after children take another bus to leave on their own. At present, the bus company has provided the travel video assist the public security departments for investigation. By turbulent news 9th afternoon press, Ms Yang said has yet to find his son.

After the incident, the young lady written and posted the announcement: looking, male, 9 years old, height 1.2-meter, wearing a red dress with short sleeves and black trousers, spoke clearly, 3rd, get lost.

Ms Yang, November 3, at about 4 o'clock in the afternoon, she brought hope to find friends, 25 road on a bus, a 1 Yuan of money into the coin box. According to her statement, alone with a mentally handicapped son collecting waste and beg for a living, life is very tight in the past with her son take the bus when the driver showed that difficulties, the driver will put both mother and son on the bus, and as long as she paid 1 Yuan, son do not give money. But this time, the driver insisted on "children have to give the money", and asked her to fill 3 fares.

Surging news inquiry found that Guangzhou 25 bus all fare is 2 Yuan. Guangzhou bus pricing standards for: adult and children purchase a unanimous vote of more than 1.5 m in height, standing 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters (1.5 meters) of children buying tickets for children, half of the fare of a unanimous vote. According to Yang hand-written notices, 9, looked at height of 1.2 metres (this height is lower than average height of the same age), looking to buy tickets for children, paying 1.

Ms Yang said, because they get a 1 Yuan of money already, they asked the driver if he could return the 1 Yuan, was rejected, and its subsequent decision: let the son at the station waiting for her, finding friends to go alone. According to the Guangzhou daily reported Yang quarrelling with drivers a few, son looking so afraid of boarding, the driver continued to drive. "Dr said that I had originally wanted to get off and wait for the next train, but thought the driver said a piece of the money already invested in it can't give refunds, felt very bad, so she first ride away. " National Day Golden Week 18 holiday from 28 million

Guangzhou Street, mother 1 ticket left the 9 year old son alone by bus, has been missing for 6 days

Yang notices on manuscripts written on paper with a ballpoint pen.

Guangzhou Faw bus company publicity departments staff confirmed to the surging news last week did have a woman took her son to take bus 25, only paying 1 Yuan fares, drivers in accordance with the provisions of the company let her pay the remaining fare, but the woman was a little bit emotional, car son threw himself at the bus stop. According to staff feedback, then children and themselves to take another 25 bus to leave.

The staff stressed that, in accordance with uniform standards, Guangzhou City, bus without charge of children under 1.2 meters, 1.2 meters above the need to charge by the standard, and each has a corresponding height scale on the bus.

According to the staff said, at drive of driver Zhang master introduced, parties boy alone car Hou, sat in has car within last a row, and lane process in the constantly head hand out window, this caused Zhang master of note, at also specifically will car docked in side, told child quiet and sat good, and asked children whether has family together ride, but no get its reply. "Then he will sit quietly, get off at the Zhongshan Zhuhai himself. "

Yang told the word news, after her son disappeared, she reported the case, and to get a receipt, because now nervously looking for son, don't know exactly which station is also accepted. At present, she has not been able to find his son.

The propaganda Department staff said, after learning of the child was missing, the bus company has provided the travel videos, with the police investigation.

Surging press interview, Lai Wan Police station, Zhongshan eight area Changhua police station to request the update, as of press time had not been answered.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Hunan man conflict due to mother s house seeking wife assault 4 others arrested

Sha Tong Xiang loudi city, Hunan province, shuangfeng Tic-Tac men due to the county town of mother-in-law clash when looking for a runaway wife, even after hurt many people. TIC-TAC-town Party Secretary Cao Chuan told surging News November 5 (www.thepaper.CN), the wounded in the hospital, no one was killed. Shuangfeng County Public Security Bureau police station staff said, the assailant had been captured, the cases handled by the County Public Security Bureau criminal investigation Brigade.

Sources tell news to reflect the surging, Sha Tang village, shuangfeng village, Wang and his wife, his estranged, did not return after their wives out, Wang in shuangfeng County, town of TIC-TAC-mother-in-law asked his wife's whereabouts. Because of discord, the conflict between the two sides, Wang hurt his mother-in-law and his family of four.

TIC-TAC surging village Party Secretary, told the news of the town declined, things happen in the town of TIC-TAC-white-walled villages, the time of the crime on October 4, the message he was estranged with his wife the assailant raised, number of injured four people.

TIC-TAC-town Party Secretary Cao Chuan said in a surging news, at present, the injured are hospitalized, and no deaths, the assailant was under control. For details of the event, Cao Chuan were not disclosed. China National Tourism Administration issued 11

TIC-TAC-Zhen Zhao Zhonghui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee said that after the incident, the town Secretary of the Mayor, including his own, arrived on the scene the night of October 4 emergency treatment, the survey found, attack people sand pond area. Shuangfeng County Public Security Bureau police station staff said that at present, the cases handled by the County Public Security Bureau criminal investigation Brigade.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Beijing passenger network about did not sit on the vehicle being detained in

The Beijing Youth daily news on November 1, on October 30, the passengers through easy to reflect in your car, man did not get on, but "orders" for 11 hours, deductions 387. Beijing Youth daily reporter learned from the company, already know what is happening to companies, confirmed the driver breaches the order, malicious acts, the current platform has been lifted with the driver partnership, and return the money passengers buckle. Officials say, when this happens, passengers can reflect to the customer service the first time, customer service can intercept orders in real time.

Beijing passenger network about did not sit on the vehicle being detained in 387, responded: the driver malicious service Beijing passenger network about did not sit on the vehicle being detained in 387, responded: the driver malicious service

The incident

Network did not come about by charging nearly 400 Yuan

On October 30, friends broke the news that Mr FUNG, by easy to make an appointment at 8:10 or at 7:25 A.M. on the day, followed by a driver surnamed Zhang in 7:26 after the 7:25 began charging, after which Mr FUNG has not contact the driver. 7:12 P.M. driver until the day before the end of an order, the whole trip takes 11gexiaoshi45fenzhong, 14.57 km mileage, cost 387.22 Yuan.

Mr FUNG said, considering that earlier in the day to go out, just make an appointment more than 8 points, but drivers a minute order, then began the trip, billing begins. "Thought the driver was wrong, immediately call the past, drivers phone unable to connect. "Mr feng," after nearly 12 hours, the journey has been to charge without stopping. "After you realize how things are, Mr FUNG just customer service phone call reflects the issue. Customer service says has recorded Mr FUNG reflected issues related, but because they are unable to contact driver, specific problem solving have to wait after 3 to 10 business days.

Subsequently, by Mr Frederick FUNG is easy to call another car from SI JI Qing Jiang Nan Yong Ding road to long Bank of China Tower, open for about ten minutes, charge 19. Hubei Wuhan intended downtown one blasting demolition

The afternoon of October 31, staff to get in touch with Mr, nearly 400 fee demanded by the exceptions order within their account, and told Mr FUNG, blacklist the driver had been pulled into the platform.

"But why the trip took 11 hours, drivers only had less than 15 miles. Is the driver's personal behavior to system issues or easy? "Mr Frederick FUNG did not understand in the end.

In response to

Driver violations malicious service

The company official confirmed, have been found not to normal deductions is because the driver breaches the order, consumption and malicious user account balances. Costs have been returned to the user, and compensate for coupon users 50 Yuan a piece. Drivers in accordance with the illegal operations, cooperation has been lifted. Customer recognition of the company's approach.

North Green newspaper reporter learned that net about wrong deduction of car platforms there are two classes, a system problem, a man-made problems for drivers. Earlier, the easy to order a passenger show "8 km journey, deduction of 280,000 yuan", but is in fact more than 400 Yuan on the user account is deducted, and after verifying the problem returning passengers were many buckles for the system. The passengers were charged is driver behavior, very rare in actual operation.


Real-time exception order intercept

North Green official told reporters, if passengers have a noticeable exception, may be the first to inform the customer service, customer service can intercept orders in real time after the check. After confirmation, were indeed wrong deduction will be returned to the passenger.

At present, supervision, to actively cooperate with the management, implementation and supervision of data connection. Meanwhile, also using large data technology, the establishment of a sound evaluation system of vehicles and drivers.

(Formerly titled Web about cars missed the passengers detained 387)

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hulunbeier Inner Mongolia after the snow snow beautiful

On October 27, 2016, hulunbeier region of Inner Mongolia in sunny weather after the snow, beyond the Northern snow, beautiful, beautiful as Fairyland. Maps/China Visual

Hulunbeier, Inner Mongolia after the snow snow beautiful

On October 27, 2016, hulunbeier region of Inner Mongolia in sunny weather after the snow, beyond the Northern snow, beautiful, beautiful as Fairyland. Maps/China Visual Jinan youth disc play dating parents choosing

Hulunbeier, Inner Mongolia after the snow snow beautiful

On October 27, 2016, hulunbeier region of Inner Mongolia in sunny weather after the snow, beyond the Northern snow, beautiful, beautiful as Fairyland. Maps/China Visual

Hulunbeier, Inner Mongolia after the snow snow beautiful

On October 27, 2016, hulunbeier region of Inner Mongolia in sunny weather after the snow, beyond the Northern snow, beautiful, beautiful as Fairyland. Maps/China Visual

Hulunbeier, Inner Mongolia after the snow snow beautiful

On October 27, 2016, hulunbeier region of Inner Mongolia in sunny weather after the snow, beyond the Northern snow, beautiful, beautiful as Fairyland. Maps/China Visual

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Wuhan company said price 7 million tender darkness owner price is not the most

Bid nearly 76 million Yuan bid renting space, the results were offered 68.73 million enterprises won the bid, and the winning business 10 years quote monthly average price to 25.35 Yuan/square meter, lower than the purchase price set out in the tender documents 26 Yuan/square meter.

Wuhan panlong flourishing culture media Ltd (hereinafter "Wuhan panlong peak") to a surging News (www.thepaper.CN) reflecting said publishing culture in Wuhan Industrial Park Phase II, 2nd floor investment bids to save black curtain, the company suspected the winning enterprise and bidding companies long before the bid opening on a good, tender forms.

Huang of Wuhan Library Media Ltd (hereinafter "Wuhan Huang") commissioned Hubei threads project management Ltd (hereinafter "Hubei threads") for the tender.

Hubei threads project management staff in response to surging public information said the bid price only for 20 minutes. Successful enterprises score higher in other projects, the company "to be honest," forward a year rent-free period decoration, price higher than 26 Yuan/square meter by 9 years.

Wuhan, Chinese officials say, no successful enterprises to negotiate in advance; tendering agent for randomly, price is not the most important scoring factor, but by the company to ensure the project's long-term operations; commissioned Hubei threads, believes that he will not change the bidding result.

Wuhan company said price 7 million tender darkness, owner: price is not the most important

Office of Hubei great end. Wen Neitu came from the word journalist Qi Zhou

Bidding: Peugeot in the lowest loss of State assets

Public information and publishing culture in Wuhan, Wuhan industrial park is "Eleven-Five", "Twelve-Five" of key cultural projects of the city.

Commissioned by the Wuhan Chinese books Media Ltd, on September 14, the Wuhan threads project management Ltd publish tender notices on publishing culture in Wuhan Industrial Park Phase II, 2nd floor, overall investment, 2nd floor area of more than 22,000 square meters.

Notice to bidders list indicates that operation for a period of 10, price shall not be less than 26 Yuan/square meter. Contact Chen Ying.

Kyanite in Wuhan advertising decoration engineering company, Wuhan, Wuhan panlong peak and Swiss precision resource information technology limited (hereinafter "Wuhan precision resource") three companies involved in the bidding.

On October 10, Huang of Wuhan library media website bid announcement, declaring the winner to Wuhan maunfacturing, bid price of more than 68.73 million Yuan. Statement said, and if the party concerned disagrees with the bidding result, within 7 working days the bid announcement on bidding or tendering agency questioned in writing (question set out at the same time, follow the principle of seeking truth from facts, proof according to law).

"We offered more than 75.91 million Yuan, more than 7 million higher than the bid price. "Wuhan panlong peak corporate Wei Huayun said in addition to the higher Swiss precision resource in Wuhan, more than 68.73 million Yuan-denominated rents average monthly price to 25.35 Yuan/square meter, lower than the purchase price set out in the tender documents 26 Yuan/square meter.

Wuhan company said price 7 million tender darkness, owner: price is not the most important

Ruipusi schedule of quotation, the rent was calculated at 9 years.

Wuhan company said price 7 million tender darkness, owner: price is not the most important

Ruipusi proposes rent-free for a year.

Wuhan kyanite advertisement decoration limited company's bid was more than 71.85 million Yuan, the company official also raised objections to the bidding result.

Bid appear, Wuhan maunfacturing notes in a tender sum, according to the floor area of 22595.2 sq m, length of lease 10 1-3 priced at 28 Yuan/sq m/month, every three years 5%. 4-22 price 26 Yuan/sq m/month up 5% every three years; decoration rent-free periods to 12 months days overdue rent 0.2% to pay damages for the breach of the current period.

List attached to a bid list, such as the first floor area of 1226.49 square meters, 1-3 price 28 Yuan/sq m/month, 4-6 the price of 29.4 Yuan/sq m/month, 7-9 price of 30.87 Yuan/sq m/month, tenth year at 32.41 Yuan/sq m/month, amounting to more than 3.96 million Yuan. After 6 years old boy lost in Ganzhou followed

News according to the surging prices, found the first layer should be more than 4.37 million Yuan the total rental price. 22 floors of the total rental price is more than 75.88 million Yuan.

On October 12, wrote to the Hubei Wuhan panlong peak threads, questioned the bidding problems, winning bidders with an average unit price is less than the purchase price.

"They said other bids specify the decorated rent-free for a year, the average price is calculated in terms of 9 years. "Wuhan panlong peak staff expressed the tender document stipulated 10 offer, the company according to the 9 quotes, prices, and other bidders is quoted at 10," has violated the rules of the game, and also talk about fair? This is caused by the loss of State assets? "

Wuhan company said price 7 million tender darkness, owner: price is not the most important

Through the door you can see the second floor and walls have not been renovated.

Agency: winning business is honest

On October 13, the large thread reply Wuhan panlong peak in Hubei Province: Wuhan precision resource clearly stated in the tender documents "1-year lump sum in decoration", the jury agreed that the company was not agreed upon in the contract stage renovation rent free period of time, but bid documents made it clear that they are honest. Decoration from the length of the lease no express provision in law, within the scope of business, are the winning bidder is determined, from Wuhan Chinese books media determined in consultation with the winning bidder.

As bid company by 9 years calculation bid price, reply in the said "for tender file in no indicate 10 operation period whether contains decoration from rent period, so caused bid people on operation period understanding Shang of deviation, but tender announcement clear said as has bid people on tender file has any questions can in provides time within to I company proposed, this during within I company not received any a bid people of written questioned, so can think bid people on tender file all terms are is recognized of, Set on the tender document from the total price bid to control prices, but rather buy limit price shall not be lower than the average 26 Yuan/square meter, the judges were according to the actual operational period of a valid quotation the calculated average price is in line with the requirements of the tender documents. "

"Rent free period is agreed after the winning bidder is determined, why they bid, they know the rent free period 12 months someone will accept? Why send him a year's rent free period? "Wuhan panlong officials questioned the height, Wuhan maunfacturing and Wuhan in the tender Huang came to an agreement, tender but it is rattled, and they just" sparring ".

"When we were singing, no one raised any objections. "The afternoon of October 17, surging Hubei great threads staff Chen Ying told the news because Wuhan precision resource already in the description of the total offer of rent-free for a year, so the average price quotation on the list is at 9 years of prices, is above 26 Yuan/sq m/month. She said that if calculated in accordance with 10, Wuhan maunfacturing offer price has been lower than 26. All parties present during the opening, bid Corporation's note when Sung in turn, described Wuhan maunfacturing requirement rent-free for a year, when neither side objected.

"We believe that he offered to rent requirements, authenticity is high. "Chen Ying said that although Wuhan panlong peak price is relatively high, but standard, the price factor accounts for only 20 minutes. When the judges scoring, bidding companies were 10, 11, 13 points, the gap is not, and the integrity of the file, and other related commitments rating project, Wuhan panlong peak score is low. Wuhan maunfacturing given quite comprehensive, total also includes audit unit provided 3 audit reports and financial statements, is the real deal of the business for the judges, they need a good things, has this kind of capability, rather than higher, this is not an auction. Wuhan panlong peak was established only a month, and see what results. "Bid a total of 5 judges, one party (yan, Wuhan) and 4 industry expert, the judges think this two there is nothing comparable."

Bid and tender is the communication?

Chen Ying said: "to tell the truth, this is a walk-in, Wuhan maunfacturing and engage householders were also normal. "

Wuhan company said price 7 million tender darkness, owner: price is not the most important

Publishing culture in Wuhan Industrial Park Phase II, 2nd floor.

Authorized by: tender more security

"Which company won the bid, the decision is not in the us. "The afternoon of October 18, surging Huang of Wuhan library media, Deputy General Manager Chen Chonghua told news, carte blanche in Hubei this bid threads, they are conducted in a fair, open and impartial investment tenders. 26 Yuan/sq m/month rent prices are third-party companies assessment of the results of the assessment.

Chen Chonghua introduced prior to bidding companies haven't chat and winning business. Tender agent is chosen at random, the last three companies to bid. 5 the judges don't know, read out the following public tenders opened 3, as well as audio and video. Subsequently, the company staff will leave the field to avoid, evaluation, from judges. All this is documented and reported to the authorities. Know the outcome successful enterprises, problems can also saw the lowest price, but the judges think that getting rid of decoration, the average price is more than 26 Yuan/square meter, so let ruipusi into the bid.

Chen Chonghua said other companies also have a decoration, but they did not count, this (ruipusi) is more honest, came up and proposed penalty, such as notes, doing a fine job. Judges believe that "do you need to replace it? "This algorithm is not the same. Not Wuhan Huang comments on this matter, after receiving a complaint, they asked the Hubei text threads take a serious response, "Hubei thread delegate, will believe them."

As for unsuccessful enterprises suspect low prices caused the loss of State assets, business operations, said this is not a problem.

Wuhan Chinese Commerce Department official said that an auction, is the highest bidder. The score is a comprehensive scores, price accounted for only 20 minutes, bidding is more focused on the operational capability of the team, not to say that money is not important, but depends on the subsequent development of the company, the long-term operational capability, which is the development of 10, 20. Wuhan panlong peak was set up until a month before bidding, not much experience, and financial statements only a sum of 150,000 yuan, 150,000, compared with Wuhan precision resource a lot worse. Can understand the mood of the unsuccessful companies, can only express sympathy.

"We do not have express or implied tendency in which one, we have a clear conscience. Judges determine which one, we're playing by the rules. This is the State-owned assets, must pass the inspection, the results will be acceptance. "Chen Chonghua said that does not change the bidding result.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Investigation and verification of Wuhan expired food in the garbage dump by

Network of the Yangtze River on October 20, on October 17, an article called for residents of Wuhan, a large number of problems of the food in the garbage dump has been berserk article by many websites, said some people in huangpi, Wuhan Hankou of Wuhan four seasons in the North near the town of Fenghua food dump looting abandoned expired foods, selling and marketing into Wuhan after picking. Wuhan immediately organized an investigation for verification.

Preliminary investigation found that part of each day will be a little expire or discarded food and throw it into the garbage dump of the network referred to in article, food City Administration commissioned the transportation company's regular daily focus to waste incineration plant treatment. Investigations found no abandoned food being looted, but there have been picked up before the food waste removal of individual phenomena.

Food and drug supervision departments likely to flow into the market a comprehensive investigation of the expired food in the city, as at 19th 15 o'clock, out 3672 visitors, check for various types of food business operators 27,580, were not found in flowed from North of Hankou market foods. The next step, and will continue to trace the flow of foods, ensure that do not fall into the table to ensure food safety.

At present, huangpi District Government has been built in the North four seasons Fenghua food city of Hankou enclosed litter pool 1, and 4 spam pool under construction while sending garbage truck at the food city tour recalled foods, foods mandatory destroyed it, crushing and then thrown into the waste pool, a free car shipping to waste incineration plants, ensuring that supervision is in place. Director of the China Zoo Association Safari zero

Friends of the public not to buy and pick up foods, such as found in markets selling expired food, please call our 24-hour complaint telephone number 12345, 12331, regulators found that investigation, will not tolerate.

(Formerly titled Wuhan investigate network "people looting food waste" event)

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Justin the current economic downturn is more external factors proposed to extend

Justin: the current economic downturn is more external factors, proposed to extend Active fiscal policy

"The Chief Economist at Fudan University Forum", New Economics Research Center of Peking University Professor Justin yifu Lin speaking.

On October 16, at the Fudan University School of Economics, school of Economics, Fudan University Global Alumni Association's "Chief Economist at Fudan University Forum", new structural economics professor, Director, research center of Peking University, Honorary Dean of the National School of development at Peking University Professor Justin Lin pointed out that the speech, the main cause of decline in China's current economic growth is more external, cycle. China's economic growth to more domestic demand, in the context of a modest expansion of aggregate demand, to carry out structural reforms. Lin proposed that it should expand its active fiscal policy in order to provide the demand. The Central and local governments should invest more in "make" investment in industries, such as advanced manufacturing, infrastructure, urbanization, and so on.

Questions from the audience, often see the capacity can increase capacity vengeance, to take a simple example, such as excess cement plant, I'm going to capacity, and to capacity, we can export, investment, widening the cement demand, results in cement plant and increase the capacity, the problem how can economics explain, is there a way?

Lin replied, this is a big mistake to understand above, I talked about earlier investments, if under the concrete already you invest's concrete production capacity will increase that capacity runs counter to. But I just make investments is the investment, all of our industry are in the low-end, that we invest in high-end, imported 1.2 trillion dollars of manufactured goods, but cannot be produced in our country, we don't have the capacity. If you go to invest, that concrete how could productivity be increased? And I have talked about, it will not increase excess capacity will be reduced, because when you invest to build factories, steel, cement, plate glass, aluminum, you will create a demand for it. Supply with demand of so-called excess capacity is not supporting the concept of supplying too much, too little demand, excess capacity would be too much. If I increase the high-end industry the investment in our economy, or our investments in infrastructure bottlenecks on, it will increase demand. You without increased investment on the supply side, excess capacity is not reduced.

The following speeches:

Teachers, students, and friends in the business community, and good morning, everyone. Chief Economist at Fudan Forum to talk about today-China's economy at the crossroads: opportunities and challenges. Chinese economists, what are the biggest challenges? How to understand after 2010 China's economy steadily declined. The Shenzhen regulatory Bureau after close of

We know that in 2015, China's economic growth rate is 6.9%, which is since 1990, the lowest growth rate. And it was the first time since 1979 China's decline in economic growth for six consecutive years, but downward pressure continues. First half of the year, economic growth was only 6.7%. Such a situation of declining economic growth, attracted the attention of domestic and international. Chinese people to speak "right to cure", so for Chinese economists, is concerned about China's economic future is key to understanding why this decline in economic growth for a long time.

Now domestic with foreign academics, common view that China's economic growth is their own internal institutional mechanisms, growth caused by model, structural problems. So-called system means that the proportion of State-owned enterprises is still too high, low efficiency of State-owned enterprises. Mechanism is the so-called market forces play a decisive role in allocating resources, it's just an 18-session's goals, but has not been fully implemented, there is too much government intervention. Growth model is that the proportion of investment in China is too high, resulting in consumption growth, this model is not sustainable. So-called structural problem is structural reform of the supply side capacity too big capacity, overstocked inventory, enterprises leverage is too high reduce leverage, corporate operating costs too much, to reduce costs, there are many other matters.

Such problems exist is a fact, and does have an impact on the efficiency of China's economy, but this is not the main cause of decline in China's current economic growth? Personally I'd think not. I personally think that more external, cycle. And as long as we have the whole world, you will find that this view is not hard to prove, as we can see with our level of development of other emerging market economies, economic performance in the same period.

China's growth rate in 2010 is 10.6%, 2015 is the 6.9%, actually declined. But you can see Brazil in 2010, when growth is 7.5%, in 2015, when the growth rate was minus 3.8%. With us and decline, but the decline was larger than we are. Russia in 2010, growth is 4.5%, 2015 growth rate was minus 3.7%, as we fell, fell more sharply than we have. India, in 2010, when growth is 10.3%, 2015, when growth was higher 7.6%,7.6% than we 6.9%, but it is also from 10.3% to 7.6%, is the same with us. We were all the same, notes must be a common externality, cyclical.

Most can prove my point is Asia those with high incomes and high performance of economies. Singapore growth rate in 2010 is 15.2%, in 2015, the growth is 5.92%, like us, are falling, and falling more sharply than we. Korea in 2010, growth is 6.5% 2015 growth only 2.6%, like us, are falling, and falling more sharply than we. They are the so-called high-revenue, high-performance economies, which means that we say Chinese institutional mechanism for internal structure it is not, but it manifests itself in the form of us exactly the same. That only the external factors that can explain is common, and is cyclical.

That fact again is understandable, because we know that the developed countries from the economic crisis of 2008, it is still not fully recovered. Developed countries average annual growth rates of the past is more than 3%, to now is 2%, or 2%, the United States better, is 2.7%, and is in a situation of high unemployment. United States statistics is 5%, but its labor participation rate is still less 3%. Families in developed countries in the past eight years, and little growth, and we know the United States, and the main reason is the financial crisis in Europe caused by household debt is too high. After the crisis, did not increase their income situation, to increase their savings, consumption growth is very slow, very little demand.

We know that in 2008, before the international financial crisis, the growth of international trade is generally in international GDP growth more than twice times. Now the international economic slowdown, growth in international trade than the slower international economic growth. In this case, of course, affect our exports also affected exports from other developing countries, affecting as those with high income, high performance of East Asia, but exports than the larger economies export, a major reason for this is the economy has slowed down considerably.

The second was in 2008, when there was the sudden international financial and economic crisis. The end of November 2008, all resolutions at the first Summit of 20 heads of State, back to take some of the proactive fiscal policy, to support investment to jump-start the economy. These investments, but after five years, six years, seven years, projects were completed, but the economy does not recover, in this situation, private investment is not high, if there are no fiscal policy taken by the Government-backed investment, that investment growth rate decline. Our society is so, other national economies is the same with us.

National economic growth by three components, one is export growth, consumption growth from consumption growth, we are better, because our employment situation is better, increase in family income is relatively high. Such as gross domestic product growth last year was 6.9%, but social growth is 7.5% maintain consumption growth at around 8%, this means that we can maintain the 6.9%, about 7% of the reason for the increase, family in other countries, the employment situation is not good, family income is not good, that slower growth in household consumption, the extent of the downturn faster than us.

I think I am being pragmatic about, as a developing country in transition, there must be institutional mechanisms of structural issues of general interest, but for the past six years, this year is the seventh year in a row, the main cause of the decline in economic growth, should be external, periodic. Looking ahead, the developed countries are likely to be in Japan for 15 years, or 20 years longer the slowdown in economic growth, because of political considerations, they carry on structural reforms, there is no way.

Looking to the future of China's economy from external demand, that part is not optimistic. China's economic growth is