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Investigation and verification of Wuhan expired food in the garbage dump by

Network of the Yangtze River on October 20, on October 17, an article called for residents of Wuhan, a large number of problems of the food in the garbage dump has been berserk article by many websites, said some people in huangpi, Wuhan Hankou of Wuhan four seasons in the North near the town of Fenghua food dump looting abandoned expired foods, selling and marketing into Wuhan after picking. Wuhan immediately organized an investigation for verification.

Preliminary investigation found that part of each day will be a little expire or discarded food and throw it into the garbage dump of the network referred to in article, food City Administration commissioned the transportation company's regular daily focus to waste incineration plant treatment. Investigations found no abandoned food being looted, but there have been picked up before the food waste removal of individual phenomena.

Food and drug supervision departments likely to flow into the market a comprehensive investigation of the expired food in the city, as at 19th 15 o'clock, out 3672 visitors, check for various types of food business operators 27,580, were not found in flowed from North of Hankou market foods. The next step, and will continue to trace the flow of foods, ensure that do not fall into the table to ensure food safety.

At present, huangpi District Government has been built in the North four seasons Fenghua food city of Hankou enclosed litter pool 1, and 4 spam pool under construction while sending garbage truck at the food city tour recalled foods, foods mandatory destroyed it, crushing and then thrown into the waste pool, a free car shipping to waste incineration plants, ensuring that supervision is in place. Director of the China Zoo Association Safari zero

Friends of the public not to buy and pick up foods, such as found in markets selling expired food, please call our 24-hour complaint telephone number 12345, 12331, regulators found that investigation, will not tolerate.

(Formerly titled Wuhan investigate network "people looting food waste" event)

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Justin the current economic downturn is more external factors proposed to extend

Justin: the current economic downturn is more external factors, proposed to extend Active fiscal policy

"The Chief Economist at Fudan University Forum", New Economics Research Center of Peking University Professor Justin yifu Lin speaking.

On October 16, at the Fudan University School of Economics, school of Economics, Fudan University Global Alumni Association's "Chief Economist at Fudan University Forum", new structural economics professor, Director, research center of Peking University, Honorary Dean of the National School of development at Peking University Professor Justin Lin pointed out that the speech, the main cause of decline in China's current economic growth is more external, cycle. China's economic growth to more domestic demand, in the context of a modest expansion of aggregate demand, to carry out structural reforms. Lin proposed that it should expand its active fiscal policy in order to provide the demand. The Central and local governments should invest more in "make" investment in industries, such as advanced manufacturing, infrastructure, urbanization, and so on.

Questions from the audience, often see the capacity can increase capacity vengeance, to take a simple example, such as excess cement plant, I'm going to capacity, and to capacity, we can export, investment, widening the cement demand, results in cement plant and increase the capacity, the problem how can economics explain, is there a way?

Lin replied, this is a big mistake to understand above, I talked about earlier investments, if under the concrete already you invest's concrete production capacity will increase that capacity runs counter to. But I just make investments is the investment, all of our industry are in the low-end, that we invest in high-end, imported 1.2 trillion dollars of manufactured goods, but cannot be produced in our country, we don't have the capacity. If you go to invest, that concrete how could productivity be increased? And I have talked about, it will not increase excess capacity will be reduced, because when you invest to build factories, steel, cement, plate glass, aluminum, you will create a demand for it. Supply with demand of so-called excess capacity is not supporting the concept of supplying too much, too little demand, excess capacity would be too much. If I increase the high-end industry the investment in our economy, or our investments in infrastructure bottlenecks on, it will increase demand. You without increased investment on the supply side, excess capacity is not reduced.

The following speeches:

Teachers, students, and friends in the business community, and good morning, everyone. Chief Economist at Fudan Forum to talk about today-China's economy at the crossroads: opportunities and challenges. Chinese economists, what are the biggest challenges? How to understand after 2010 China's economy steadily declined. The Shenzhen regulatory Bureau after close of

We know that in 2015, China's economic growth rate is 6.9%, which is since 1990, the lowest growth rate. And it was the first time since 1979 China's decline in economic growth for six consecutive years, but downward pressure continues. First half of the year, economic growth was only 6.7%. Such a situation of declining economic growth, attracted the attention of domestic and international. Chinese people to speak "right to cure", so for Chinese economists, is concerned about China's economic future is key to understanding why this decline in economic growth for a long time.

Now domestic with foreign academics, common view that China's economic growth is their own internal institutional mechanisms, growth caused by model, structural problems. So-called system means that the proportion of State-owned enterprises is still too high, low efficiency of State-owned enterprises. Mechanism is the so-called market forces play a decisive role in allocating resources, it's just an 18-session's goals, but has not been fully implemented, there is too much government intervention. Growth model is that the proportion of investment in China is too high, resulting in consumption growth, this model is not sustainable. So-called structural problem is structural reform of the supply side capacity too big capacity, overstocked inventory, enterprises leverage is too high reduce leverage, corporate operating costs too much, to reduce costs, there are many other matters.

Such problems exist is a fact, and does have an impact on the efficiency of China's economy, but this is not the main cause of decline in China's current economic growth? Personally I'd think not. I personally think that more external, cycle. And as long as we have the whole world, you will find that this view is not hard to prove, as we can see with our level of development of other emerging market economies, economic performance in the same period.

China's growth rate in 2010 is 10.6%, 2015 is the 6.9%, actually declined. But you can see Brazil in 2010, when growth is 7.5%, in 2015, when the growth rate was minus 3.8%. With us and decline, but the decline was larger than we are. Russia in 2010, growth is 4.5%, 2015 growth rate was minus 3.7%, as we fell, fell more sharply than we have. India, in 2010, when growth is 10.3%, 2015, when growth was higher 7.6%,7.6% than we 6.9%, but it is also from 10.3% to 7.6%, is the same with us. We were all the same, notes must be a common externality, cyclical.

Most can prove my point is Asia those with high incomes and high performance of economies. Singapore growth rate in 2010 is 15.2%, in 2015, the growth is 5.92%, like us, are falling, and falling more sharply than we. Korea in 2010, growth is 6.5% 2015 growth only 2.6%, like us, are falling, and falling more sharply than we. They are the so-called high-revenue, high-performance economies, which means that we say Chinese institutional mechanism for internal structure it is not, but it manifests itself in the form of us exactly the same. That only the external factors that can explain is common, and is cyclical.

That fact again is understandable, because we know that the developed countries from the economic crisis of 2008, it is still not fully recovered. Developed countries average annual growth rates of the past is more than 3%, to now is 2%, or 2%, the United States better, is 2.7%, and is in a situation of high unemployment. United States statistics is 5%, but its labor participation rate is still less 3%. Families in developed countries in the past eight years, and little growth, and we know the United States, and the main reason is the financial crisis in Europe caused by household debt is too high. After the crisis, did not increase their income situation, to increase their savings, consumption growth is very slow, very little demand.

We know that in 2008, before the international financial crisis, the growth of international trade is generally in international GDP growth more than twice times. Now the international economic slowdown, growth in international trade than the slower international economic growth. In this case, of course, affect our exports also affected exports from other developing countries, affecting as those with high income, high performance of East Asia, but exports than the larger economies export, a major reason for this is the economy has slowed down considerably.

The second was in 2008, when there was the sudden international financial and economic crisis. The end of November 2008, all resolutions at the first Summit of 20 heads of State, back to take some of the proactive fiscal policy, to support investment to jump-start the economy. These investments, but after five years, six years, seven years, projects were completed, but the economy does not recover, in this situation, private investment is not high, if there are no fiscal policy taken by the Government-backed investment, that investment growth rate decline. Our society is so, other national economies is the same with us.

National economic growth by three components, one is export growth, consumption growth from consumption growth, we are better, because our employment situation is better, increase in family income is relatively high. Such as gross domestic product growth last year was 6.9%, but social growth is 7.5% maintain consumption growth at around 8%, this means that we can maintain the 6.9%, about 7% of the reason for the increase, family in other countries, the employment situation is not good, family income is not good, that slower growth in household consumption, the extent of the downturn faster than us.

I think I am being pragmatic about, as a developing country in transition, there must be institutional mechanisms of structural issues of general interest, but for the past six years, this year is the seventh year in a row, the main cause of the decline in economic growth, should be external, periodic. Looking ahead, the developed countries are likely to be in Japan for 15 years, or 20 years longer the slowdown in economic growth, because of political considerations, they carry on structural reforms, there is no way.

Looking to the future of China's economy from external demand, that part is not optimistic. China's economic growth is

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Yunnan Dali regulation uncivil marriage prohibited behavior throwing eggs naked

Beijing, October 12, after outside a 5 a-class scenic area in Dali of Yunnan "naked marriage" picture has sparked heated debate. Recently, the Dali civilization Office gave notice regulation uncivil marital; tied for detailed list of banned, threw eggs, naked, with indecent clothes are on the list.

Recently, the Dali civilization Office issued the Dali regulation further uncivil behavior marriage notice (hereinafter referred to as the notice), and asked concerned departments to increase the publicity and education of civil wedding in Dali, and active mobilization of all sectors of society and people do not resist the marriage of civilization. Which, clear requirements news media long-term opened topic column, vigorously publicity civilization marriage new fashion; home marriage registration sector to strengthening married Qian education, in wedding couple received marriage certificate Shi, to its issued proposal, publicity and explained not civilization make married behavior on social and the family of effect and against; statewide levels the sector also to increased on cadres workers and the family of publicity education efforts.

The circular also demanded that relevant departments in accordance with increases to the uncivilized treatment of marital dynamics. City and County departments of public security, police, City Administration should concentrate manpower and material resources, concentrated in the marriage of location and regional campaigns, at the peak of wedding guests to adhere to the three departments have staff on duty every day, discouraged and stop uncivil behavior marriage and wedding set locations and regional announced marriage of civilization telephone hotlines.

Specific training content and responsibilities include the following:

Prohibition of marriage in the county roads and public places in the city, has been banned from vulgar and obscene songs and dances performances, hilarious slapstick obscenity and naked body, the clothes and throwing eggs, littering, walk on the grass, water pollution, and so on.

Banned in the County and city public Fireworks, fired salute, throwing flowers, ribbons and so on.

Send troops through County and city streets, ordered according to traffic signal instructions, shall not violate the traffic signal light is free to stay in the city, blocking traffic, to influence others, shall not forbid the bridge and area parking.

Prohibition of shuttle vehicles block the plate, switch on the hazard warning lights.

Organs and enterprises, cadres and workers and their families children are not allowed to organize or participate in civil wedding activities.

News media at all levels will increase its exposure, do not scatter, influencing the worse married uncivil behavior should be exposed.

On violation provides, by site staff discourage still insisted not civilization make married produced bad effect of responsibility people, will by police, and police, and Chengguan, law enforcement sector strictly according to People's Republic of China security management punishment method, and People's Republic of China Road traffic security method, and Yunnan province city construction management Ordinance and Dali Bai autonomous prefecture, town Management Ordinance, related provides, depending on its plot held related responsibility people of legal responsibility.

In addition, organs and enterprises, cadres and workers and their families (including temporary workers employed by the unit) organizations or participating in civil marriage act of the contravention, by County (City) civilization Office to inform their units, when the annual assessment shall not be awarded more than good grades, shall not participate in all levels of assessment, selecting the best recognition of the highest rated and recommended. Involving an organ cadres in violation of regulations of institution organization or engage in uncivil acts of marriage, by County and city civilization Office to inform the County Municipal Commission for discipline inspection, the Organization Department. Reticulocyte Agency CEO network anchors a monthly

This reporter has learned, Dali, this is not the first time the uncivilized marital said no. In 2006, 2013, uncivilized behavior marriage in local concentration and control, and to introduce clear regulations, provisions not civilization to have a severe impact on marriage are punishable by fines of up to 3000 Yuan.

This many people and friends praise. Dali people, Zhao said, marriage is a happy, Holy things, refused vulgar wedding scene, supporting justice does not exist.

But there are also netizens said, any civilized appeal to overcome the persistence of customs, takes some effort. Only if more people understand and recognize vulgar abominations and sadly, civilized demands can be realized.

(Formerly titled renovation uncivilized married in Dali, Yunnan, detailed lists of banned)

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Female college students in Anhui province said leaking 7 chocolate claims 3

On October 8, the students in Anhui Hefei University of technology campus in xuancheng to the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) reflects, when missing a 7 worth of chocolate, his students Wu Xia (pseudonym) was brought into the room and searched by supermarket staff alone, signed an agreement for 3000 Yuan and, in the end, after multilateral negotiations to pay 100 Yuan to get away. For 3000 Yuan a said, the supermarket side denied. At present, xuancheng to the police has been involved in the investigation.

October 7, and Wu Xia peer of girls in Hefei University of technology xuancheng campus stick posted said, day in downtown a large supermarket shopping Shi, because buy of things more hand in took down, Wu Xia errors will a 7 yuan of de Fu wipe tea chocolate put into has Pocket, forget settlement; on in pay finished money prepared left counter Shi, a name supermarket women staff go came will Wu Xia with to a room "talk".

"I waited two minutes she (Wu Xia) has not come back, the doors are closed, but not people, would call her, she answered the phone told me to wait for her for a while, just chocolate and forgot to pay the money. Then waited two minutes, she called me and said the supermarket wants her to pay 3000 RMB. Amounts so large we are silly. "The girls think the supermarket claims unreasonable and supermarket workers have been trying to separate the Wu Xia and her, so in desperation the alarm and call classmates Zeng Shuai (not his real name) for help.

Zeng Shuai told surging news, according to Wu Xia tells, supermarket staff away she Hou, from she body "found" out has a not checkout of de Fu chocolate, said she of behavior constitute theft, according to supermarket of provides, civil servants and students theft to aggravated punishment, minimum 3000 Yuan, highest 5000 Yuan, if not lose money will to school and police reflect, will left record; in staff of "persuaded" Xia, Wu Xia copy has a copies supermarket provides of compensation agreement, and by has fingerprints.

Zeng Shuai introduction, supermarket staff said no recording, that agreement is also in the hands of staff; alarm after the police arrived on the scene, supermarket workers denied having asked for 3000 Yuan compensation supermarket leadership eventually came forward, in consultation with the supermarket of the class, Wu Xia compensation to supermarkets to just over 100.

Wu Xia have been "asking for 3000 Yuan compensation" argument, a staff member from the supermarket to the surging denied the news and said there is no such provision in the supermarket.

Shanghai Shen LUN law firm Ma Wenbin said, according to the Consumer Protection Act, operators are allowed to shop notices or by other means, to impose any unreasonable requirements for consumers. Punishment without legal basis at the supermarket, and has no legal effect. Jinan eating cotton wool someone to take care

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Chief of Jiangsu addicted to online games game corruption in top 15 million

Chief of Jiangsu addicted to online games, game corruption in top 15 million 7 million

Ding Xin are now being interrogated. Procuratorial daily chart

Three years, hit 15 million yuan in online games, including corruption, bribes of nearly 7 million Yuan, in June this year, wujin district, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, authority on outdoor advertisement Management Section Chief of the original Ding Xin was sentenced to 13 years by Changzhou intermediate people's Court of second instance.

Fight father rich easily blend the world

Ding Xin is 38 years old, University degree. He is an only child and parents is a businessman, big business. 90 's last century Ding Xin College, mother son pocket money per school year of 200,000 yuan, nothing to God out of the Moon, can give the parents gave him. But for the young, the money came too easily is not necessarily a good thing.

Ding Xin didn't try so hard to find a job after graduating from University, learning by playing with dad in Beijing to do business. Due to willful arrogance since childhood, he often has trouble with her parents. Once, Ding Xin represents the father to receive government officials at home, in the car, he said to the other: "help me get a job, do not want to mix with my dad, annoying! "The words out for a few days, there is a reply, called Ding Xin to report to the district authority, became a civil servant.

Ding Xin subordinate units when the middle-level cadres in the City Council, and later transferred to station, outdoor advertising control section as section chief. Work soon, Ding Xin is married, his wife is also a civil servant. Son was born soon, whether it is work or life, Ding Xin are to be envied.

Ding Xin does not smoke or drink, only hobby is online gaming. From primary school to University, the child he is not hard, but grades are excellent, brain is very clever. That's why he is fast becoming a well-known player.

Online games for three years, his marriage was coming to an end. Ding Xin said his wife and children, family matter, but not on games are boring, is not in the virtual world can get the real pleasure to meet. 6 years after a divorce, is a free, online games and the crazy period in his life, almost all his spare time on the Internet all night playing online games on weekends and holidays.

Online gaming community, "boss"

Chief of Jiangsu addicted to online games, game corruption in top 15 million 7 million

Ding Xin in the March 2 game characters and equipment. Procuratorial daily chart

Network game journey 2, top player 2.28 million people, as well as online up to 540,000 people. But the game burn very, can afford to only have to have deep pockets. In the eyes of Ding Xin, this thing's just a number, from small to large never money he threw money and never blinks, after which he entered the March 2 through, press pack, went straight to the main big brother spot "advantage".

Of the journey 2 the players all know the famous "Changzhou v villains" (hereinafter referred to as the villain), which is in March 2, Ding Xin NET, legendary players, of the Asia-Pacific region's largest big brothers, known as the "elder brother". Ding Xin after the incident, online gaming experts to sort out the performance of the journey 2: a brother that he was worthy of the March 2, broad circulation of 15 million Yuan. In early 2012, he won the Championship in the finals in Asia Pacific, its full rolling Pack, no opponent. On June 18, he won again. On July 29, 2013, the third time he won the Championship. Their performance in the March 2 you'll ever see is no one.

Winning is a prerequisite for "equipment" on the grade. "Equipment" needed to purchase, such as a large knife to sell hundreds of thousands of thousands of Yuan monthly salary was not enough teeth, parents calling baby son every year 2 million yuan of pocket money, not enough Ding Xin at the cost of the fight of the journey 2. So, he put his genius into how to make money with.

Own "money green passage"

Ding Xin being outdoor advertising management section, the level is not high, though not very big power, hand issued construction permits for outdoor advertising, outdoor advertising arrangement permits, charge management fees and advertising billboards in the area by rental, advertising production project, and so on. In this way, lots of outdoor advertising company boss Wei Ding Xin for leadership. Ding Xin opened the door to the bosses to take advertising while also paved a path for themselves "withdrawals green channels."

Can set Billboard location within the town, wujin district is a scarce resource, set construction permit for outdoor advertising, outdoor advertising license became more "bun", described as "one daughter." Ding Xin in charge of two certificate issuing process, avoid program, qishangmanxia, wanton hair will be issued two permits procedure into a means of accumulating wealth. While in the advertising works publishing, auditing, clearing and other sectors, Ding Xin eyeing loopholes in the system, and take advantage of fish in troubled waters.

The first half of 2012, Ding Xin will be civilized advertising to an advertising company, engineering, 80,000 yuan. When the settlement amount, the company boss Wu Ding Xin lied about "leadership to offset costs", the directive its false advertising the project invoice. Two a total of 330,000 yuan Wu even false advertising works, invoices, while Ding Xin Chen instructed subordinates making false work contracts and a list of business volume, projects in the financial sector, to embezzlement of more than 300,000 yuan to Ding Xin, Chen received thousands of Yuan.

From 2012 to 2013, with the same modus operandi, Ding Xin colluding with Chen amounted to embezzlement of 2.46 million Yuan, Ding Xin-home of 2.21 million Yuan, at the time, it was he who in March 2, during the Triple Crown. Ding Xin registered a bogus company, unit jurisdiction of billboards touting a sublet on behalf of private advertising companies use to get "rent". Embezzlement, while Ding Xin has to borrow money from, to obtain bribes from 5 advertising company, which has 10 times to obtain bribes from an advertising company boss Wu 470,000 yuan, 5 times to another advertising agency boss Liu bribes 230,000 yuan ... ...

There is also, difficult to borrow again, Ding Xin "borrowed" never return. From 2011 to 2013, Ding Xin to obtain money from business unit amounted to 4.56 million Yuan.

Ding Xin after the divorce, each Saturday from his son, he took his son out with advertising on company bosses, let them pay. Has once, he see Shaw boss of new computer good, spot instruction Shaw boss to he son buy a paragraph "exactly" of computer sent to; another a boss to Ding Xin Office seeking points business, Ding Xin open its purses, will inside thousands of Yuan cut light, only left has one hundred or two hundred Yuan change to family; late at night, for electric card owes fee online game playing not has, Ding Xin grabbed phone, command a boss immediately to Cabinet Member machine recharge, boss said: "I are sleep has, Ming morning to line not? "Ding Xin cried:" go now! "The other side had to starry night drive to recharge Ding Xin ... ...

Court of final appeal was sentenced to 13 years

In 2013, Ding Xin area champions for the third time in the March 2, wujin district, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, the public prosecutor's Office received a report letter, opened it, just one word: Ding Xin has economic problems.

In charge of the Deputy Attorney-General and the anti-corruption Bureau did not give up a little bit of investigative value bottom line report, but quickly organized police forces outside the secret thoroughly investigate. Survey found, Ding Xin family clover, parents issued annual pocket money Shang million Yuan, he mother distressed single son also secretly plug money to he; Ding Xin is responsible for of Department was called "Chengguan Council most has power, most with gold" of sector, more than advertising company with between close, to its private bank card in the playing had many money; Ding Xin caught up Yu network game number years, success, this have hit large money. By a well-known online game companies to assist in investigations, result online game company staff were startled three years, Ding Xin in the March 2 spent 15 million Yuan, is full of gold and silver, were sent by people "have so little money doing no" Plaint.

Meanwhile, investigators took control of Ding Xin subsidiary and gang Chen of corruption, gets together, evidence of corruption and major bribe-man Wu, Liu's testimony ... ... Intensive investigation of anti-corruption authorities when, Ding Xin suddenly shutdown from oblivion.

When the anti-corruption Bureau collected a lot of evidence and has been on the Internet wanted him, he went into the Commission for discipline inspection doors, wujin district with his head, a look of disdain to sit in front of the staff: "do not think that I came to surrender, I just wanted to tell you about the situation, explain......" at this point, he also is a online gaming boss attitude.

On January 6, 2014, wujin District Prosecutor's Office suspects Ding Xin detention, on January 17, Changzhou City Procuratorate decided to arrest. During the review of the case, he refused to plead guilty and take drugs attack the fool on investigating cases of bottlenecks. But investigators use modern scientific and technological means, fragments of evidence to form a chain of evidence, bringing the case to criminal facts are clear, the evidence fully. Wujin District Prosecutor's Office to prosecute Ding Xin.

On June 26, 2015, wujin district people's Court of the first instance decision, finds Ding Xin joint and separate embezzlement 2.4069 million Yuan, personal 2.2166 million; committed embezzlement and sentenced to 12 years, 400,000 yuan and confiscation of personal property and identify its proceeds of 4.5622 million yuan of bribery, bribery and sentenced to 13 years, 600,000 yuan and confiscation of personal property. Both crime and punishment, decides that the Executive shall be sentenced to 18 years, and personal property confiscated 1 million Yuan. After the verdict of first instance, Ding Xin brought an appeal.

According to the amendments to the Penal Code (nine) and relevant judicial explanations, on June 1, 2016, the Changzhou intermediate people's court overrules Ding Xin the defendant is guilty of corruption and sentenced to eight years in prison and fined 600,000 yuan; bribery and sentenced to 11 years and fined 900,000 Yuan; two crime and punishment, decides that the Executive shall be sentenced to 13 years, 1.5 million Yuan and confiscation of personal property. In xuancheng Anhui campus University enrollment

(The original title of the article to the online game "big brothers" of the real-life)

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Lindane is not retiring Lee Chong Wei will continue to play it and I will continue

Lindane is not retiring: Lee Chong Wei will continue to play it, and I will continue to

Lindane in Hong Kong, performing for audiences to interact Do a killer live show would you do it

Badminton star Lin Dan to 28th in Hong Kong said that in career encountered Lee such a powerful opponent, is my pleasure.

"Lee Chong Wei has said that he will continue to play it, I will continue to fight on. "Buchanan said.

On 28th, members of elite yilishabo in Hong Kong Stadium to participate in the Olympic Games, "Olympic elite agreed you" variety show, intimate interactions with the public.

When the host asked to have any plan in the future, Lin Dan made the above answer, cause the audience screams, applause.

Shortly before the just-concluded Olympic Games in Rio, Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei put on 37th "Lam war", after fighting after 3 innings, beat Lin Dan Lee Chong Wei historic in the world series for the first time. Two people take off their clothes to each other after the game and staged "era embrace" images of infected thousands of people. Lin Dan finally got the Olympic Badminton men's singles fourth-place finish.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Last photo of leukemia died after MOM gave son promise 42 wish list

Last photo of leukemia died after MOM gave son promise 42 wish list

Xu Yingying holds promise 42 wish list for her son.

A 36-year old mother's last words:

May, August 28 is my last birthday, I feel ashamed in front of my family and son. As a mother my son too little, nor walk with his long, hope on my birthday, as a 6 year old son a happy and unforgettable memories. I hope you can help me achieve these wishes for their children, in any case, I will make the children happy. Thank you very much.

Suffering from leukemia, she sat up in bed to write down 42 wish sickness accompanied after a 6 year old son to be realized. However harsh destiny, just write down a wish a few days later, she suddenly ill, and died and wishes into a bucket ... Husband suffering from encephalopathy, watched helplessly ignorant son of unknown on his knees, I do not know how to explain it all, crying and crying eyes.

Last photo of leukemia died after MOM gave son promise 42 wish list

"Home" is still there, were never reunite. Said his wife and children, Qin rose cry several times.

Wish list

Wednesday, August 17.

Shandong province traditional Chinese medicine hospital haematology ward in the East, 36-year old Xu Yingying wearing a hospital gown. She was sitting up in bed, small table to eat with her family to pen and paper. Qinsheng felt some unexpected husband, wife, this is you want to do?

"To write birthday wishes. "She smiled. Although hesitant, he followed his wife's request, handed over to pen and paper. Xu Yingying bow began to write in earnest.

After a half hour, the wife took up pen and paper. Write in black and white with all kinds of wishes. It turned out that his wife's birthday wish is that accompanied his son to finish the 42 in her lifetime wish. These wishes, both went to see movies, go to the Grand Lake so it looks look forward to if you can easily achieve, also went to Beijing to see the great wall seems to need time and money wishes.

However, time has become a major challenge. In the wish list finished after 4 days, Xu Yingying couldn't wait to August 28 birthday. At Grandma's House for the summer holiday of the 6 year old son, don't know when my mother to think about their hearts, walked the last day of his life with little warning. August 21, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, lying on the bed of the Xu Yingying suddenly ill, and bleeding of the lungs to cause respiratory difficulties, with regrets leaving the room.

Xu Yingying is suffering from leukemia last August, roughly the same time, in bridge, a hospital nurse, she lasted several days after the fever feeling unwell, went to hospital for an examination, and diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia.

Last photo of leukemia died after MOM gave son promise 42 wish list

Xu Yingying made 42 for 6 years old son a birthday wish.

Photo of bed

Xu Yingying is the only breadwinner in the family. Diagnosis of leukemia in an instant, "the sky is falling. "At that time, have worked so hard to save 40,000 yuan to savings at home, but compared with the treatment fee of three hundred thousand or four hundred thousand Yuan and inadequate. At the time, her son was just 5 years old. Her husband was born in 1958, who is nearly 60 years old, and her husband also had cerebral thrombosis complications, does not work.

Husband Qinsheng is the original cotton factory workers, the opportunity to catch up with the last of the welfare housing distribution, Tianqiao district points to the side of the lane near a one bedroom house. In 2009, Qinsheng met Xu Yingying in the hospital, and married that year.

In April 2010, the son of Qin Han Yu was born. But God seems particularly jealous of people's happiness. No one could expect, tomorrow and accident which one first. Xinhua News Agency some kindergarten chefs wearing

In 2011, the son who just turned 1 year old shortly after Qinsheng suddenly feel giddy in the head, quickly took a taxi home. Got home just to lie down, he felt, so I called my friend, friend he quickly rushed to the hospital emergency room. After the diagnosis, at age 53, he suffered from cerebral infarction.

After days in a coma in the hospital, in under the care of his wife, he finally woke up, but falling from legacy, limited right limb of his body, walk dragging the leg, right arm and arm weakness.

On August 18, Xu Yingying birthday 10 days ago, on the advice of friends and relatives, in the province of traditional Chinese medicine ward, a family of three sitting together, took a photo, and ate a big dinner. This photo, became a habit not usually take pictures of the family's only one photo.

Last photo of leukemia died after MOM gave son promise 42 wish list

Ward, the family took only a photo.

Cross stitch in "home"

5:30 P.M. August 22, half edge Lane, Tianqiao district Qinsheng's home on the 22nd floor, the 58-year old man took off his glasses and wiped a tear. His eyes are red, from the afternoon of August 21 kept crying until now, seems to have no power.

In an area of more than 40 square meters of the House, although with the lights on, but the light and not so good. On the North wall in the living room, hung with 2 children's Awards. On the living room wall hangs a cross stitch picture, centered, embroidered with a huge "home". Once the family joke, never life. Cross stitch borders clip 2 photos, one for mother and child photo of Daming Lake, a was the son of a personal photo. 2013, captured on this photo of the Daming Lake, became a mother and son only the photo.

August 21, at 5 o'clock in the afternoon the scene at old Qin playback from time to time in the brain. 1 hour after the death of his wife, 6-year old son to the hospital. Children do not know that my mother has to wake up to, he walked over to the bed and touched her mother's hand, as well as countless times in the past, stepped forward to kiss my mother on the forehead. Only, this time, my mother never responded. Next to a room full of family does not own, suddenly cried into a.

Sent on August 22 after his wife's body, old Qin went home, watched the House furnishings, could not help but scream burst into tears again.

Last photo of leukemia died after MOM gave son promise 42 wish list

Xu Yingying was alive, the 6-year old son in bed watching my mother.

Children going to school

Old Qin said his son too much, not just 42 wish. Son was born early in the month before the expected date of arrival, only more than 1600 grams at birth, relying on the incubator had a hard time living down. His wife enough milk, children would then be receiving Dong Jia town, licheng Grandma fed.

"Feed the corn puree, eating sweet potatoes grow......" the old son of Qin, a child suffering from hardship. Fortunately he was stout, 6-year-olds have more than 80 kilos, height is 1.3-meter.

However, due to poor families, the children did not like the other kids in town, had the opportunity to travel. Birth date, children had never been to Jinan, visit attractions are only limited to the Daming Lake, baotu spring, Zoo garden card can go to places, and near quancheng square, Museum of science and technology. But, even so close to the attractions, also became a mother again have fulfilled wish.

"There are 8 day school, you say how to do Ah? "Old Qin thought about to enter primary one in tiancheng road grade son, nasty feet. "Admission got, see the child to go to school, even children's school fees and I can't get it out! Alas, the powerless! "Old Qin said in April this year, was dragged into the quagmire of disease, he and his wife, had talked to give foster children. "The good people of Weifang, Yantai has made a phone call. "Old Qin will hold the tears back, sobbed out," Finally, we are not willing to give up. "

Last photo of leukemia died after MOM gave son promise 42 wish list

Children do not know the family of events yet to be sensible, father melancholy face. Qilu evening news Brian Davidson

Sick child, the family can manage

According to Qin introduced wife in school before school, after graduated began nursing. "After having children, her work during the day, went home from work to look after children. "Old Qin said he was just suffering from cerebral thrombosis, is not flexible, serious or even life cannot take care of themselves.

In this case, his wife provoked the burden of home. In 2012, the old Qin Han Yu was 2 years old because of neglect, only in nurseries, wife alone this life support for the whole family. "The day is OK, the dull day there is the plain of happiness. "Old Qin laments.

"I just took her away, transient existence of ashes funeral home. "The old cry of Qin, he touched the photo of his wife and son. Old Qin said, although he suffered from cerebral thrombosis, but the condition has improved.

For the sake of the boy, old Qin to the society through their own labour fought for a Bacon work. Taking into account road primary school children later in the day, but also act on its own is not convenient, so the old Qin hoped that well-intentioned people can help to find a job, preferably a little close to home, "so that I can easily pick up the child. "

Follow-up: a lot of people are concerned about, the father was surprised

August 23, at 7 o'clock in the evening, Jinan Tianqiao street side of the lane in an old building, Qinsheng is looking after the six-year old son Qin Han Yu. Old incandescent lamps are not too bright, so only sishilai flat House appear more narrow.

His wife left the next day, Qinsheng didn't think it affects so many people's hearts, and getting so much sympathy and love. He pointed to was playing with the remote control the son of remotely piloted aircraft and on the ground, said: "this was sent in by a media, a round of Xu Yingying ' unfulfilled wishes. "

Talk about his wife's departure, he laments, August 21, at one o'clock in the afternoon, when he received a phone call reached the hospital, she had slipped into a coma. Although Xu Yingying was looking at him, but has no consciousness, Qinsheng called his wife's name, also did not receive any response. This is the wife one last look at his eyes, then couldn't keep my eyes open, no trust. Six-year old son in the bed keep shouting, Xu Yingying is quietly and left.

Six-year-olds seem to be on the mother's departure there is no concept, he was Naughty. He did not know, mother has all the dreams you have given him.

Until the final moments of their lives, it found that too little to his son

Qinsheng seriously look at each word on the wish list. At the mother of a patient suffering from Leukemia in birthday wishes, Xu Yingying has done the worst plan. On the future of families and children, she also thought a lot, she said as a mother can give him too little.

Xu Yingying has listed a total of 42 wishes for her son. "Some son is often said to me, is that I want kids. "On the wish list, the first wish is to see a movie. Xu Yingying said, the child is six years old, they have never watched a film at the cinema.

"The poor at home, food and clothing. "Xu Yingying's brother, Xu Yingying only one of three Labor's ability to make money, just enough to live on. Like the second wish "to eat Western food" is the child mentioned a number of times, "see other kids go to KFC, he also wanted to go to, and she still didn't take him to one. "

On August 18, said Xu Yingying lying in a hospital bed, became seriously ill after that family with too many things not to do, and now dinner has become a luxury. She took the piece of paper looked and looked, referring to grieved her to tears on several occasions.

It is based on the thoughts of their loved ones, Xu Yingying has a strong desire for life. Ideas, Xu Yingying never gave up. In the past year, she has more than 80 days of chemotherapy, most people can't put up with uncomfortable symptoms, nausea from chemotherapy, Xu Yingying never mention it to their loved ones. In the days of high fever, body without strength, and headaches to fall asleep, she survived.

Three days after the disease claimed the lives of Xu Yingying. Taste of fresh lychee, row a boat, swim, to leave a shadow of Tiananmen Square and so on desire, she cannot accompany child come true.

Father lost his capacity to work, month Lo-Fi also owed 380,000

Last year, Xu Yingying has more than 300 days lying in bed, Qinsheng travel daily in the province, East of traditional Chinese medicine hospital and Tianqiao district home to his wife to dinner. He said although it was tiring, sometimes desperate, but at least his wife alive is to rely on. Now, his wife left him, he no longer goes around, but much heavier.

Qinsheng said, his wife went with his final benediction, they have to be strong to live. He pointed a certificate on the wall and said, son is as good as gold is very clever, the body is also very strong. He wanted his son to be like his name as Qin Han Yu, life strong, lush.

The most practical at the moment apart from dealing with his wife's funeral, is the problem of children to primary school. Qinsheng worried about taking care of bad children. "Meals, transfers alone is difficult. "Five years ago, Qinsheng brain infarction, incapacity, cumbersome activity, need to take medicine every day.

Xu Yingying worked in a hospital as a nurse for many years, was the only source of income. Ill a year ago, home thousands of Lo-Fi live alone. And now father of less than 500 yuan each month and only the low income, and they still owe him a debt of around 380,000 yuan.

Living for the future, Qinsheng said, also is hoping to have good people help them to tide over the current difficulties.

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